By lulu


So if your bored out of your mind what should you do, there are so many things that you could do but not with out a ipod, there are different colors and thing to do with the ipod and learn it here

What it is

       This paragraph is about the different colors of iPod.  According to Apple, the Ipod comes in teal, white, green, red, purple, silver, pink and black.  I have the silver Ipod and it is good to use for a mirror 

How it Works

This paragraph is about the click weal and why they invented it. According to ilounge Well why they invented it is because the ipod had to many buttons so they made the click weal to make it easer and so that you donŐt have to remember what button is what. www.ilounge.com


This paragraph is about when the first ipod was introduced. According to wikipedia it was introduced October 23, 2001

Random Ideas about DVR (nothing to do with iPods)

According to Mike Copeland, the commercial people hate the DV because it is allowed to skip commercials.


Weird stuff about the ipod

This paragraph is weird stuff the ipod can do or has. The ipod on the back of it is a mirror so if your doing your make up or doing some thing different well so if you donŐt have a mirror now you do if you carry a ipod.

5 billion pennies

the paragraph is about how bytes and pennies are a like.

5 billion pennies are like 5 billion bytes so its kind of like having all thoughs pennies put into the ipod isnŐt that CRAZY


Review main ideas. Follow up on attention-getter.










By Dennis Lloyd

history of the ipod

April 2, 2008

iloung helps you know more about the ipod history and lots more




kottke jason

cool thing to do with your ipod

April 3, 2008

kottke is a funny place to go you can find tricks todo to people and other funny things





A New Gig for iPod Shuffle

May 5, 2008

It's just an ad, but it shows colors.






Layton, Julia

How iPods Work

October 27, 2007

This article has 9 chapters all about how iPods work.  It's got a bunch of pictures and movies.  Unfortunately, it also has quite a few advertisements.




Bellis, Mary

History of the iPod

November 7, 2007

This article tells about the inventor, a company called PortalPlayer, and the iPod patent.  Be careful, it has tons of ads.






December 18, 2007

As you know, Wikipedia usually covers history, how it works, and useful little facts about the topic.