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Hey, do you or a loved one have cancer? Or do you know someone who has terrible tumors? Are you trying to find the best treatment? Well I got it right here for you, the Trilogy system. In this report I will tell you about what trilogy can do and the treatments.

What Trilogy can do

Trilogy can do AMAZING things. Did you know that Trilogy tells you where your tumors are? According to www.cpmc.org The Trilogy scans you and pin points wherever your tumors are. This is very handy for the doctors because that means that the doctors know exactly where to treat the person. www.cpmc.org.

It makes adjustments for you awesome huh!

The Trilogy automatically makes adjustments for you so you can breath normally. Some people when theyÕre in a machine or getting a scan theyÕre told to breathe normally right. ItÕs super hard for them and if they donÕt breathe normally the doctors could get the wrong message about their patient. Luckily the Trilogy can make you breathe easily. www.lifespan.org

       What does the trilogy system deliver?

IÕm sure many of you are wondering what does the Trilogy system deliver? The Trilogy system can be used to deliver stereotactic radiosurgery, fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy, and intensity-modulated radiosurgery, as well as 3D conformal radiotherapy, SmartBeam IMRT, and Dynamic Targeting IGRT. ThatÕs probably why itÕs popular.


       Have you ever wondered what Trilogy uses?                       

It uses an awesome thing called the external. Thanks to www.lifespan.org and a good friend of mine they came to my rescue I was confused on a question but she is part of my team and she told me the website and the answer. THANKS!!!~

       Trilogy is getting better everyday!

The TrilogyÕs delivery rate has been increased and improved. Thanks to www.findarticles.com that website has Awesome facts about the Trilogy and now I know about the delivery rate.


       If you need to get a treatment soon, look at this paragraph!

       At www.findarticles.com it says the treatment that takes the longest would have to be the stereotactic radiotherapy. This treatment takes around a period of 3 or 4 days! Also the Trilogy sometimes doesnÕt take that long. The stereotactic radiosurgery takes the least amount of time. It can be done in one tiny simple treatment.

       IÕm sure some of you are wondering is trilogy right for me?

I have the answer right here. Trilogy is wonderful for many people who have cancer for instance. Trilogy is PERFECT in fact Timothy E. Guertin the president of the Varian's Oncology Systems business said. It will enable doctors to choose and use the most appropriate treatment modality for treating cancer in the body or the head and neck, and to deliver the full spectrum of treatments, all on one machine in a single room." Thanks to www.findarticles.com I could share that with you.

       Are some of you wondering is trilogy the first radioactive therapy? Or where is it?

       Yes it is on www.findarticles.com it says that Timothy E. Guertin the president of the VarianÕs Oncology Systems business said "Trilogy is the first practical, clinically-viable system for delivering all forms of external-beam radiation therapy," Are you wondering where this amazing system is? well its at the Rhode Island hospital.

       The Trilogy is the worldÕs most sophisticated radiation treatment device.

When you are diagnosed or think you are diagnosed. You can set up an appointment with the Washington Hospital Center. Then you can get scanned and by getting scanned from the Trilogy then it will tell you what kind of cancer you have and where it is.


Thank you so much for reading my report I enjoyed researching and completing. I hope that none of you that read this report will ever get cancer and if you do itÕs ok just go either to the Rhode Island hospital or the Washington Institute if you live around those parts. ~ToOdLeS!~















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