The Car

By J Mad


       Hey!  You might want to read this report.  Yeah, thatŐs right, come and read it.  Okay, this report will teach you about hummers, mustangs, and airbags.  You might want to have all these things when you are done reading this.  Have fun!


       Hummers in the army.  Did you know that the first hummer was used in the army? Yeah.  Do you know which hummer?  They used hummer 1, mostly because it is the biggest.

       When the airbag first saved a life.  Did you know that the first life saved by an airbag was a soldier?  Yep, it happened in World War II.  He was in a plane, it crashed, and he was okay because of the airbag.

       When was the first mustang made?  The first mustang was made in Dearborn, Michigan on March 9, 1964.

       The first movie the mustang starred in.  The first movie the mustang starred in was in a James Bond film-The Gold Finger.  It starred in the Gold Finger September of 1964.

       Who invented the airbag?  Did you know that Allen Breed invented the airbag? Breed invented a "sensor and safety system" in 1968.

       Which hummer do we drive on the street?  Did you know that since hummer 3 is the smallest hummer, it is also the one that we mostly drive on the street?  Ya, and did you also know that hummer 2 isnŐt even used that much?


Want to buy one?

       How many different kinds of hummers are there?  Guess what?  There are three different kinds of hummers; there is hummer one, hummer two, hummer three.  Hummer 1 is the biggest out of the three, hummer three is the smallest, and hummer two is just a tad bigger than hummer three.

       How many seats are there in a mustang?  There are 5 seats in a normal mustang, according to Timmy Himmy, ÓThere are five seats in a mustang.Ó

       How many seats in a hummer three?  According to Timmy Himmy, Óthere are five seats in a hummer three.Ó

       Does having seatbelts and airbags work better than just having seatbelts? Yes, study indicates that air bags reduce fatalities by 8% when seatbelts are worn.  But that never means that you shouldnŐt wear seatbelts.


Thank you for reading my report, airbags have saved many lives, a lot of people like to buy mustangs and hummers.  Our world is a better place with all these things.








April 29, 2008

It talks about the different kinds of hummers, and it has some cool pictures.