By Your Name


       Imagine you are sitting at a red light in the middle of nowhere.  And a mustang pulls up beside you.  The person inside the mustang challenges you to a race.  You accept.  So, when the light turns green he zooms way ahead of you and vanishes around the corner before you could get to 70mph.  how would you feel envious, or madL.  I myself would feel envy.       

How It Works

       This paragraph will be about the mustangŐs horsepower.  According to the mustang can range from 315 to 725 in horsepower. The mustang bullitt gets 315 horsepower, the ROUSH gets 435 horsepower, the Shelby GT500 KR gets 540, the Saleen SA-25 gets 620, and the GT500 Super Snake gets 725 horsepower (



What It Is

       This paragraph will be about how many mustangs were sold since 1964.  According to Wiki Answers the very first mustang was made in 1964.  The latest mustang was made in 2008.  In those 44 years over 8 million mustangs have been sold.  ThatŐs a lot(


       This paragraph is about how much a new mustang costs.  According to Some mustangs can range in price from $5,000 to $100,000.  Mustangs are not a cheap car.  For the bullitt, with 315 horsepower $31,075, and the SA-25 with 620 horsepower $99,995(



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