Amazing Flying Machine

By: *A Pop Princess Man*


       Have you ever gone on a Roller Coaster that went so fast that you thought you face was going to fly off!? What if there was a Roller Coaster that went 17500 MPH!!!! What if the Roller Coaster can hold up to 7 people. Well it might not be a Roller Coaster, but there is something like it. A Space Shuttle. If you want to learn more, you really need to read my Report. In my report youŐll learn about the History of a Space shuttle and how it works.


       This paragraph is about when the Space Shuttle was invented. According to Wikianswers, the first Space Shuttle was invented in 1981. The exact date is, April 12, 1981. The name of the Shuttle was Columbia. Aaron Dasonjh and Gurasish Singh invented the Space Shuttle Columbia. ( I think that Aaron and Gurasish did a great job on inventing that. What would we do if they didnŐt invent it? We would know what was in Space with our own eyes!


       This paragraph is about the Space Shuttle that went to the moon. According to Wikipedia, it wasnŐt a Space Shuttle that went to the moon. It was Apollo Spacecraft. Space Shuttle was invented when Armstrong went to the moon, but they could only orbit. ( I thought that it was a Space Shuttle that went to the moon, but it was an Apollo Spacecraft.


       Have you ever wondered if a Space Shuttle has exploded?

Well according to Howstuffworks Challenger, a Space Shuttle operated by NASA, broke apart 73 seconds into its flight leading to the deaths of its seven-crew members. The spacecraft disintegrated over the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of central Florida, United States at 11:39 a.m. EST (16:39 UTC) on January 28, 1986. ( I didnŐt know that a Space Shuttle has exploded. I also didnŐt even know that







How it works

       This paragraph is about how long the Space Shuttle takes to reach orbit. According to Yahoo, it takes about 8 minutes to reach orbit. For the rocket boosters to burn, it takes about 2 minutes. For the three main engines to burn and an other 6 minutes for the external tanks to separate. ( If it didnŐt go as fast it does go, maybe it would take longer to get back.


Usually People think that the Space Shuttle can only hold 2 people butÉ According to Howstuffworks the Space Shuttle can hold up to 5-7 people. ( I always thought that the Space Shuttle could only hold up to 2 people.


17500 M.P.H!!! ThatŐs fast! According to howstuffworks, as you hear, the Space Shuttle goes up to 17500 M.P.H. After the Shuttle Separates from the External fuel tank, it starts to slow down to a regular speed. Then it orbits about that speed and then comes back to earth. ( The take off is where it starts to go fast. 


Have you ever wondered what is the size of a Space Shuttle? According to Spaceshuttlediscovery this is what you need to know. The Length is 122.17 ft (37.24 m). The wingspan is 78.06 ft (23.79 m). The Empty weight is 151,205 lb (68,585 kg). The Gross Liftoff Weight is 240,000 lb (109,000 kg).

The Maximum Landing Weight is 230,000 lb (104,000 kg)

 The maximum payload is 55,250 pounds (25,061 kg)

 ( I thought that the Space Shuttle was as big as an airplane. Even though some Space Shuttles might be big as an airplane. But I would have to do some research on it. Maybe they are bigger some may be smaller.







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