The MilitaryÕs F-15 Fighter Jet

By Mickey Mouse



Imagine, youÕre the head Air Force Pilot, and you have a

F-15 Fighter Jet! You have to go to battle, and use the best brains youÕve got! Can you rely on the plane to protect you? Can you trust the Air Force to watch your back? Well, read this report about these F-15 Fighter Jets, and you make your choice! In my report, you will learn all you need to know about the F-15 Fighter Jet! You will learn about what it is, the F-15Õs history and other plane history, how the F-15 works, and a whole bunch of other interesting facts!!! J

What is it?

What are the Basic Models of the F-15?  According to Wikipedia, the basic models are the F-15A, F-15B, F-15C, F-15D, F-15J, F-15DJ, F-15N Sea Eagle, and these are the F-15E and related planes: F-15E Strike Eagle, F-15F Strike Eagle, F-15H Strike Eagle, F-15I RaÕam (Thunder), F-15K Slam Eagle, F-15S Strike Eagle, and F-15SG Strike Eagle. ( That is a whole lot of airplanes! I donÕt think that any Air Force Pilot has EVER flown ALL of these planes! I wouldnÕt want to fly all of them, I would get sick of flying! J



How Large are F-15 Fighter Jets? According to Home Aviation Center (É),

Length: 63.8 ft (19.45 m)

Wingspan: 42.8 ft (13.05 m)

Height: 18.5 ft (5.65 m)

Pretty big, eh? J



When was the First Fighter Jet Used?

During World War Two, the German Messerschmidt Me-262 was the first jet-powered fighter aircraft to go into operation. The British and the US were building jets but they were not ready to go into combat. To bad the F-15 wasnÕt used. J  


When was the First Fighter Jet Launched off of a Carrier?

         According to, on July 21, 1946, in the first U.S. test of the adaptability of jet aircraft to shipboard operations, an FD-1 Phantom, piloted by Cmdr. James Davidson made successful landing and take-offs on board USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVB 42).

That is so cool! To bad the F-15 wasnÕt the first one. Oh-well! J

How it Works


Can the F-15 fly in any Weather?

This paragraph is about what kinds of weather the F-15 can go in. According to Air Force Link (É), The F-15 Eagle is an all-weather, extremely maneuverable, tactical fighter designed to permit the Air Force to gain and maintain air supremacy over the battlefield.  I think that how they design these fighters is amazing! Millions and millions of dollars go into these tactical fighters, and they usually crash in battle! What a waste! They really have a lot of courage! Men and women in the Air Force have to be very brave! J



Other Interesting Facts

Is the F-15 the Best Fighter Jet?

According to Wikianswers (É), The best fighter jet is based upon its ability of total air dominance. This includes air-to-air, air-to-ground, stealth, weapons, speed and maneuverability. Hands down, the best fighter jet is the U.S. fighter, the Lockheed-Martin and Boeing F-22 Raptor. If you feel this is an incorrect choice, do much research (that you'll absolutely enjoy), and end up with the same resolution. There is too much evidence of my decision! To bad the F-15 isnÕt the best, but the F-22 is! J

What Kind of Missiles or Bombs do the F-15Õs Have?

According to Home Aviation Center (É),

One internally mounted M-61A1 20mm 20-mm, six-barrel cannon with 940 rounds of ammunition; four AIM-9L/M Sidewinder and four AIM-7F/M Sparrow air-to-air missiles, or eight AIM-120 AMRAAMs, carried externally. So, the missiles are outside the jet, not inside. J



What will Fighter Jets look like in the Future?

According to, they probably will have a combination rocket and jet engine to be capable of sub-orbital flights and look more like a space craft as it actually will be space capable - shape would probably be a lifting body with no actual wings - weapons will probably be all stand off type and the aircraft will probably never actually enter the combat area.


Future fighters will almost certainly have no pilots or at least remotely controlled, not because computers are better, but due to how long a plane can stay air-born with a human pilot - the current B-2 bombers have the capability of staying airborne for weeks but canÕt because the flight crew canÕt - future fighters will need to be able to stay on station for days or weeks at a time as future combat reaction times will need to be in minutes or seconds and a plane on the ground will be useless.

So, the technology will be so advanced that maybe the fighter jets wonÕt even need pilots! We could save millions of lives! J


Now you can go off as a F-15 Fighter Jet expert! Now you kind of know what it is like to fly! But of course, you donÕt know it all unless you actually fly. You know about the missiles, which fighter jet is the best, and when the first fighter jets where used! You also know how big they are, and which weather types it can fly in! You also know now how many models there are of the

F-15, and its relatives! Well, thanks for reading my technology report, and I hope you enjoyed it! J










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