By: Zanzibar Jenkins


HEY!!!! Have any questions about Nintendo ds? Maybe in this report I can answer those questions. In this report I will talk about the history, games, size, and color. I hope you enjoy my report.


What it is

NINTENDO DS IS AWESOME!!! The Nintendo is a handheld game player. It is like PlayStation Portable or PSP but better. Some people donÕt think so but they are. And thatÕs what a Nintendo DS.


They come in almost every color you can imagine. Have you ever gone somewhere far in a car or on a plane, ever bored, then you really need a Nintendo DS.


In this paragraph I will tell you about its introduction.  The Nintendo DS was introduced in 2004 in USA, Japan, and Canada. The second best game on the DS is Super Smash Brothers Brawl. They have sold 1.8 billion games since 1889.

One of the Nintendo DS competitors is the Xbox 360. Well they both can get on the Internet. But the Nintendo DS is can move around. IÕm not against Xbox just telling a few facts.

Ds Features

This paragraph is about the Nintendo DS features. The DS has two screens for 2x the fun. DS stands for dual screens. Also you can play others on the Internet.  If you are in Utah if you are on Wi-fi connection than you can play someone in Kentucky!

The DS also has a pen thing that you can hit the screen with. So you can move and drag your character. So like on other portable games you wont break any buttons.


Now this is awesome! There is a microphone that you can make your person shout! Or you can make them scream! I donÕt know about you but I think thatÕs awesome!

         Why you should buy the DS

You should buy a DS because as I said it is better that PSP. It has better graphics. And you donÕt have to go home and play normal Nintendo 64. It can go anywhere you go. Now thatÕs great!


I hope that answered your questions. And I hope you enjoyed my report. Go play a DS sometime, there fun!






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