The one and only iphone

By cat lover


Stop.  Yeah you.  Think about this.  YouÕre listening to some awesome music.  If thatÕs not cool enough you get a call.  The music fades out.  You talk about whatever.  You hang up and the music fades back in.  This is where the iphone comes in.  So before you start thinking about the new voyager, why not listen to this. In my report you will read about iphone history, and what it is.  I will finish with a conclusion, and also you may want to hold your breath.  


This paragraph is about where the iPhone was invented.  According to WikiAnswers, the apple iphone was invented in America (  I am proud that the iPhone was invented in America.  If it was invented in another country, it might be more expensive.  Also the inventor of course was born in America.

This paragraph is about who invented the iphone.  According to Ron M., Steve Jobs (head of Apple company) (personal conversation).  Some history on Steve Jobs is windows!  ThatÕs because of Steve Jobs.   And where did we get the nifty iphone?  Steve Jobs of course.  But might look some People say John Casey invented it.

This paragraph is about the first test on the iphone.  According to it went terrible.  They even had a Small fire (  Well what does that say?  A fire that is pretty sad. I think.  Well it looks like they did have a good test J.

This paragraph is about how many iphones were sold in the first week.  According to in the first week 500,000 iphones sold. Now about 100 sell in a week ( Holy cow that is a lot! You can see that the iphone is very popular!  They must be proud up in the apple company.

This paragraph is about where the iphone was first sold.

According to Brian solis the first iphone was sold in Palo Alto, California (Brian Solis).  Wow before I knew that, I thought it was first sold in some big town in New York.  Also the creator was born San Frasisco, California.  Wow so much I didnÕt know.  It was sold near where a Steve job was born.  Cool!

This paragraph is about when the iphone became known to the whole world.  According to (first Apple iphone blog.) it came out in January but was really known in July 3, 2007 (first apple iphone blog).  Hey wow who knew! I knew it came out in January but I didnÕt know the whole world knew in July. That is pretty cool to me.  Wow!!!

This paragraph is about what the original name of the iphone was.  According to the original name of the iphone was The Telepod (  Wow I always thought it was just iphone.  But I guess John Casey the man with the ruff draft of the iphone, called it the Telepod.  That is really neat history.  It wasnÕt until Steve Jobs invented the the iphone it was called that.

This paragraph is about when the iphone was for sell.

This is something I already knew.  The iphone was actually sold January 2007.  I think that is probably a different time.  If only it had come out a month earlier for Christmas.

This paragraph is about the original name of the iphone.  According to the iphones first name was Telepod (  Wow I think that is so cool that it was going to be that.  Tele for telephone pod for ipod I get it. 




What it is

       This paragraph is about how much communication is used on the iphone.  According to the iphone is mostly used for entertainment.  71% is used for entertainment.  Only 39% is used for communication.  That includes texting (  Wow that is sad. I mean it has the Internet but thatÕs crazy! Ya that is kinda weird to me. I mean I thought the whole purpose of a cell phone was for communication.

  This paragraph is about whether the iphone was based on the blackberry.  According to multiple people the iphone was based on the blackberry but wasnÕt (personal conversation).  I was going around asking my family what they thought about this question.  This is what I got: the ones that said no said this: the iphone is capable of holding media that the blackberry is not.  The iphone has a touch screen. And the iphone is very fast.  This is what I got from the side of yes: The blackberry has a remote much like the laptop.  So basically the is a thing where you do not have to press multiple buttons.  The blackberry has a lot of media that the iphone has. (End of conversation).  Wow well that says there that nobody really knows.  I always thought I knew it was based of the blackberry.  I am glad I am not the only one. 

  This paragraph is about Capability of voice recognizers on the iphone.  According to Endaget mobile the iphone does not include voice dialing or voice dialing (Endaget mobile).  There is so much that the iphone can do.  I am surprised that there is not any voice recognizing.  The iphone can hold so much media but not something as simple as voice dialing or anything.

  This paragraph is about being able to copy and paste on the iphone.  According to Endaget Mobile there's no way to cut, copy, or paste text (Endaget Mobile).  Wow! Well I mean I guess that doesnÕt surprise me.  But I know that you are able to shrink and grow words with fingers.  That is pretty impressive

  This paragraph is about where the iphone ranks on selling.  According to Endaget mobile, the iphone is not the first but the fourth highest selling cell phone (endaget mobile).  Wow this really surprises me.  I thought that it would be the highest selling cell phone.  It is very nice so why not? Well it is very expensive and there are new phones coming in.  I guess it is logical to be in that area.  Still maybe it could be an even higher selling cell phone J!




Well I taught you about history, and how it works.  You can breath now and now you can know that you would miss a lot if you got the voyager! Hey hope enjoyed my report!








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