The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Stun Guns




YouŐre being attacked youŐre scared what can you doÉ The answer is Stun them with your Stun Gun. You can probably guess what Stun Guns are but, just in case Stun Guns are Ňnon lethalÓ forms of protection thatÉ STUN PEOPLE! They are really cool and there are tons of different kinds of them. In my report I will cover what Stun Guns are, some of the history and the real Good, Bad and Ugly about Stun Guns.

What it is

What is a Stun Gun?

Right now youŐre probably thinking to yourself: what!?!, you already told me. Well I kind of did but all I said was that Stun Guns are Ňnon-lethalÓ forms of protection. What I didnŐt say is how it stuns peopleÉ By electricity. When you fire a Stun Gun a different kind of conductor (depending on the type of gun) will conduct electricity to the person your shooting.  Then the electricity will shock and STUN them. They are not guns in a sense. (

No wires, more stun: the Air TASER.

Some people ask if you have to hold Stun Guns against people for the electricity to flow or, if you can just shoot them. According to:  Tom Harris ( the answer is both. Some Stun Guns have to be held up to the victim for the electricity to flow. But, with others such as the Air TASER pressing the trigger will shoot two electrodes that will shock the victim. The Air TASER makes it more convenient, and easier to defend yourself with Stun Guns. Oh, the improvements.



No wires, more stun: the Liquid Charge Stun Gun.

I said before that different Stun Guns conduct electricity in different ways depending on the type. One of them is theÉ

 Liquid Charge Stun Gun. ItŐs true! According to Tom Harris: Yes there is a Liquid Charge Stun Gun and itŐs really cool. Instead of wires of electrodes like most Stun Guns or Air TASERŐs they use a kind of liquid to conduct the electricity.(

 Since it would be hard to cart around all that liquid all the time some smart guy made a normal looking back pack to carry the liquid around. Then out of the back pack comes a hose that connects to the gun.

Note: ArenŐt wires annoying?


NOTE: The most popular type of Stun Gun is the TASER so most of the History section will revolve mostly around TASERŐs not the other kinds of Stun Guns.

       The idea of Stun Gun.

Stun guns are really cool, but where did we get the idea for them. Most of the ideas for the new models come from STAR TREK. IŐm actually telling the truth. (Tom Harris) In those movies the crew of the ship used stunning Ňgun type thingsÓ when they didnŐt need real guns. With those they could stun their enemies. (


       Who invented the TASER?

The extremely smart guy who invented the TASER was Jack Cover. ( His idea was to be safe but not to deal long-term damage to them. That idea to me was brilliant. ÔCause when you want to keep yourself safe you donŐt necessarily hurt them. (well, sometimes you do but, you know what I mean.)

       The time of the TASER.

The TASER was invented in 1969. ( At first TASERs werenŐt sold to the public. In the beginning of TASERs they were only sold to highly trained police officers and army guys. Now a cop can get a TASER in the first two weeks of being a cop. I donŐt even think the Army uses TASERs anymore. WhatŐs better? Now any body can buy a Stun Gun without a permit. Since Stun Guns arenŐt classified as firearms, anybody can go and buy a Stun Gun.

       TASER International.  

TASER International is the most popular TASER producing company in the world. So yeah, itŐs pretty important. TASER International was co-founded by: Rick and Tom Smith who are from Arizona co-founded TASER International. The date was September 1993. They founded it to Ňdevelop and provide advanced non-lethal devices for use in law enforcement, personal security, and private defense markets.Ó (

       The name TASER.

TASER is a cool name right (you know it is, you know it is) But where did Jack Cover get the name. According to ( the name TASER actually means Thomas A. SwiftŐs Electric Rifle. Tom Swift is a character from some book who used an electric weapon to stun his enemies. Well, thatŐs the way TASER got itŐs name.




The Good, Bad and Ugly

The Good.

Stun Guns are AMAZING arenŐt they? At a low price and cool styles. You are set with security for life. Some one attacks you wanting something you have and ZAP they are out! Yeah, Stun Guns rock.


       The Bad.

Stun Guns are amazing right, some people donŐt think so. A lot of people have gotten hurt. There is a bad in everything even, no especially Stun Guns. Now that anybody can buy a Stun Gun and use it whenever they want even more people are getting hurt. Like University of Florida student Andrew MeyerŐs ŇDonŐt Tase me Bro.Ó ThatŐs what he said before he was shocked. (

The Ugly.

Not only dislike Stun GunsÉ Some HATE them. Lots of people want to stop the TASER completely.  A lot of people have died since the TASER came out about 50 years ago. It dosenŐt matter to them if it was the TASERs fault itself. They donŐt care. Some say that stun guns are disguised forms of torture.


       THE END.

I hope you enjoyed learning all I know about Stun Guns. They are really cool arenŐt they? Small, portable, secure, and awesome. Want to be safe get a Stun Gun. Tons of different kinds and they all work well to keep you safe.












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