iPod Madness


By: Your Creepy Stalker


       Lets go back just a couple of years.  Here we find a young lad named Joey.  He is insanely addicted to music, and cant live without it.  Young Joey is on a nature hike, and has a CD player in his backpack.  Not all that bad, but still adds weight.  Now lets go back a few more years.  We find another little boy named Billy.  He is in the same scenario as Joey, but is lugging a boom box.  A few more years- John unfortunately is lugging a huge record player in his very over-sized backpack.  Now, we come to the present.  We find a wise little boy named Travis.  He has an iPod shuffle that is smaller then a pack of gum, and can’t feel a thing!  That is just genius.  In this report you will learn about some different iPod models, iPod accessories, and iPod history.

The History of Some of the Many iPod Models

There have been many models of iPods, and one of them is the iPod mini.  According to uberreview.com, The iPod mini had 4 GB of storage and a price of $249.  It was panned by critics for being too expensive, but once again it was proven by its overwhelming popularity, and Apple Stores had difficulty keeping them in stock.” (uberreview.com). So even though it was pretty expensive for what was, it was so popular that people just bought it anyway!

And from Wikipedia, “[The iPod mini] was announced on January 6, 2004 and released on February 20 of the same year.” Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) the iPod mini was discontinued on September 7, 2005 and replaced with the iPod Nano. (wikipedia.org) It could be a really good thing, because the improved with the iPod Nano, but its kind of sad too, because my sister, and a lot of other people to, really like the mini.

Another popular model is the iPod shuffle.  According to Apple Inc., The iPod shuffle is only a little more than an inch tall, and only just over an inch and a half wide.  It has a clip on the back, and is only .55 ounces, so is very easy to carry around. The old ones carried only 240 songs, (1 GB of space) but that still, was an incredible amount for their size. They cost roughly 49 dollars. The new ones can now hold 500 songs (2 GB) for only 20 dollars more.  They both come in five different colors. It is very convenient to carry around, since you can carry it in your pocket, but since they are so small, they can get lost a lost easier, and don’t hold very much.



iPod Accessories                                  

There have been several improvements of scrolling devices over the past few years.  According to support.apple.com, the first scrolling device was the scroll wheel, introduced in 2001.  Then, in 2002, the touch wheel was introduced, followed by the click wheel in 2004.  And finally, introduced last year (2007) the iPod Touch was invented with multi-touch display and the scrolling device.  (Apple Inc.)  Scientists just keep coming up with something better than the year before.  Pretty soon I think our iPods will be able to read our minds, and play the song we’re thinking of.  Then who knows what will happen after that . . .

The Nano armband can be very convenient, and it could be perfect for you!  The clips on the back of iPods could fall off, and none of us want to take that chance.  Lucky for us, the Nano armband has been invented.  According to apple.com, the Nano armband is very light and weight, and provides easy access to iPod Nano controls.  You just wrap the band around your arm or wrist and secure it with the adjustable fasteners.


iPod History

       Tony Fadell was one of the most important inventors of the iPod.  According to Mary Bells and impactlab.com, apple publicly announced the iPod on October 23, 2001 thanks to Tony and a few other people.  Before Fadell started to work for apple in 2001, he worked for General Magic and Phillips. (inventors.about.com) His first job with Apple was a contractor, and then two months later he became “the senior director of the iPod and other special projects.” (impactlab.com) 


Well, that’s my report.  Thanks for reading it.  Now go share your modern day technology knowledge with your grandma or something.
























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