The wicked awesome newest of the new in laser technology-vet laser surgery!!!

By Bubbles McDoink


   The awesome things about vet laser surgery. About 5,000 Vet clinics have already been using this technology for years. In this report I will talk about the history and how it works.



   Do you know how much the laser machines cost? According to Sarah Probst that some of the cheaper machines cost $30,000 it normally ranges from $10,000 to $100,000 for

The more expensive kind. ( I think that it is very expensive but it will probably repay itself in the money that they will get from the actual surgery.

       Have you ever wondered what kind of laser they use in surgery? According to Sarah Probst they use carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers ( I think that is really cool! DonŐt you?

       Did you know that only about 8% to 10% are actually using laser surgery? According to Sarah Probst only 8 percent to 10 percent of the vets are using laser surgery (  It is probably too expensive to buy the laser machine but as I said before it will repay itself from the laser surgery costs especially animal laser surgery.

       Most vetsŐ favorite surgery is laser de-clawing.   According to Terry Chance the vets love de-clawing with lasers that they will only de-claw cats without laser surgery.  Only because the cats can be up and walking around the same day and it is less painful (

       Have I convinced you to start using laser surgery for your animals?  Than this may be of some use, I am going to talk about how much laser surgery costs.  According to Terry Chance, it normally costs about $150 for spay and neutering (  Also your pets will be up and around near to the same day. So I think it would be worth it.

       Why do you think Vets like laser surgery?  Well according to Sarah Probst (again) some vets say they prefer laser surgery because it goes by faster. Others say it is because you can see better because there isnŐt a lot of blood so you can see better (  I think it would be easer to do laser surgery because you can see better.

How Vet Laser Surgery Works

       The benefits of laser surgery are enough to have you switch from normal to laser surgery.  Sarah Probst says that there is less bleeding, swelling, and it also doesnŐt hurt as much.  The reason that it hurts less is because it kills nerves so it doesnŐt leave them raw and has it keep hurting (

       Some people may not know what lasers are.  According to Bell Labs it is an acronym of light. It amplifies a narrow intense beam of coherent light.  So it is sort like really hot light ( I think that is really cool so it can work for laser surgery to simple little laser pointers.

       People donŐt always know how to spell like lazers.  Ok even I know that ŇlazerÓ is not the right way to spell it. It is spelled lasers but donŐt feel bad it is a common mistake. 

Vet Laser Surgery is Sooo Awesome!!!

       There are some reasons that laser surgery for animals are so awesome but IŐm only going to tell you about my favorite.  My favorite reason is it has a lot more benefits than normal surgery.  That is enough to make me switch from normal to laser surgery.


So as you can see can see there are a lot of cool things about vet laser surgery.  So this is the end of my report I hope I have taught you a lot about animal laser surgery if not well sorry.




Probst, Sarah

Laser Technology Blasts Into Veterinary Applications

April 30, 2008

This article talks about the benefits of laser surgery and also how it works.  It also talks about vets and what they like about laser surgery.  It is a very good article and talks about a lot of interesting things.



Chance, Terry

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it talked a lot about the benefits and about how lasers work.  It also had interviews of some vets that have bee n using laser surgery so it was really cool.