The Artificial heart

By B-Boy Blaze


       Have you ever heard of an Artificial Heart? If you have they are life saving devices that help you to live for a longer period time! They take out the bad heart of someone throw it away and give them an artificial one!

What is the Artificial Heart?

       According to cheeseburger “the artificial heart is a life saving device! It saves about 2,000 people each year”. Now I would say that that is a success! But According to Lisa Rosetta “there are some disadvantages for the artificial heart! About 25% of the people that get an Artificial heart die of stroke after they get it!” How sad is that! According to cheeseburger “ the artificial heart weighs only about two pounds”. According to Lisa Rosetta “the first person to get the artificial heart was Dr.Barney Clark”.


What if Someone is Small?

       According to cheesburger”if you body is to small then and it won’t fit then well you wouldn’t be able to get one and that would stink!” Cheese also said,” that is you were too big then it  would be to small and then you couldn’t get n then either!

Do You Have the MONEY?

The artificial heart is a lot of money and if you ever needed one would you have the money to pay for it? The artificial heart is $100,000 and I think that it is a good cost to. Why? Because it is a life saving device!


Thank you for reading my report and now you know what it is how much it is and I hope you liked it!!










Artificial heart

April 28, 2008

Well first it talks about how Barney Clark was the first person to get the artificial heart and then it starts talking about how it pumps blood through the body!



Lisa Rosetta

Artificial heart: IMC doctors once again to implant life-saving device

April 30, 2008

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