STAR TREK FANS LISTEN UP! Okay, if youÕre not a Star Trek fan, LISTEN UP ANYWAY! Did you know that the Taser really existed? IÕm sure you did, theyÕve only been on some of the biggest news stories in the past few years! Listen and prepare for a boring, if not extremely dull report that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat hanging on my every word! In this report you can learn all the latest and coolest ŌstuffĶ about tasers! IÕll tell you about itÕs history, about it and also just how dangerous they can be.


       Who invented it?

The actual taser was invented by a science fictional character named Tom Swift. He was a character in a popular series from the 70Õs. Then in 1969, Jack Cover started working on a taser, but he didnÕt actually finish it for another 5 yrs.

       Has anyone ever died?   Yes, sadly to say. But, the number is surprisingly low. Over the past 8 years just in Los Angeles County theyÕve used the taser over 5,000 times! Out of over 7,000 cases, only 18 people have died, and 16 of them were from L.A. (http://www.keme.co.uk./~mack/Electronic.htm) One of them was just 17!


How they work

How do they work?  I didnÕt quite get that part, but what I could get out of it is it takes electricity from the batteries, and passes it through the different parts of the taser until itÕs so powerful, it passes through the electrodes and into the victim, temporarily paralyzing them.

About it

       Is there more than one type?  Yeah, thereÕs tons. There are 3 main types: the normal taser, (police mainly use the M26 and the X26.) the shotgun taser and the liquid charger. (http://home.howstuffworks.com/stun-gun.htm)

Are they making any new types?   Definitely! They are making new tasers that have a range of up to 100 ft! And even now they are working on land mines that work like tasers! They will incapacitate someone if stepped on, and will be placed around major military bases! (other students)

About how many police now use tasers? Millions of police are now using tasers worldwide! As far as http://www.keme.co.uk./~mack/Electronic.htm knows, there are now 2,700 police departments worldwide using tasers.

Are there any places in the US that donÕt let people use tasers?   Right now there is only one state that doesnÕt, good old ŌJoiseyĶ. But, with all the injury increasings, they will probably stop using tasers until we have made them more efficient.

When are police first given tasers? They used to only give tasers to police if theyÕd had many, many years of training. But now, with all of the increases in taser use, theyÕre giving them to police with just 2 days of training! If you want my personal opinion, I donÕt think that this is the brightest idea in the history of the world. They could hurt anybody without a lot of training!    http://www.keme.co.uk./~mack/Electronic.htm

Are they open to the public now?  Yup, theyÕre letting just about anybody use them now, and itÕs getting to be a bigger and bigger problem for the police. They even made pink ones for all those people who think that everything in life needs to be pink!

This is the paragraph that Mr. Welch told me to write. ItÕs about iPods. This is the paragraph that Mr. Welch told me to write. ItÕs about iPods.

This is the paragraph that Mr. Welch told me to write. ItÕs about iPods.

This is the paragraph that Mr. Welch told me to write. ItÕs about iPods.

This is the paragraph that Mr. Welch told me to write. ItÕs about iPods.

This is the paragraph that Mr. Welch told me to write. ItÕs about iPods.

 Ok, I really do have something to say about them, even though itÕs been eons since we studied them as a class. Ok, so within just a year of selling them, they had sold a million iPods. Since then, they have sold over 40 million!



So, do you want the police to take away the use of tasers for mankind, or do you want to carry on the dream of a science-fiction character? I hope you agree with me that we should try to improve the taser so it isnÕt so deadly, but not take them away completely. TheyÕve really helped the police in these past few years. Oh- and I was thinking about putting some of those taser mines around my houseÉÉ




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