Laser Cutters

By: Shikalaka Pakalaka DingDong


       Have you ever mowed your lawn before?  If you ever did, you would take some time doing it.  I think everyone hates to mow his or her lawn.  But soon the laser lawn cutter will be invented and will help you take care of your lawn in seconds.  In this report, you will learn about the laser lawn cutter.  Not only that but, who invented the first laser, and some interesting facts about the laser.

What is the Hottest Laser Color?

       This paragraph is about the hottest laser color.  According to an expert, he says the hottest laser color is the orange.  The hottest color of a star is blue, but for lasers it is orange. 

Cutting Lawns with Lasers?

       This paragraph is about cutting lawns with lasers.  According to Dick Ahstrom, there is someone that invented a laser lawn cutter.  He says that the laser lawn cutter helps the lawn grow.  It helps, because the laser lawn cutter only singes the top of the grass.  That helps the lawn grow better.  The laser lawn cutter also does not use fossil fuel, so it is better for the environment.  The laser lawn cutter still uses electricity, but it only needs about 1 watt to power the laser. (  Too bad, that they are not selling the lawn laser cutter yet.

The LaserÕs True Name

This paragraph is about stuff about lasers.  According to an expert, he is saying that the LASER stands for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  Big scientific word, so IÕm just going to use the word laser.  



Laser Cutters used for Protection?

       This paragraph is about protective lasers.  According to, they say the army is inventing an antimissile laser.  If an enemy missile is coming into the laserÕs range, then the laser will automatically destroy the missile.  Now if we get a terrorist attack, then we will be protected.

The Inventers of the Laser

         This paragraph is about the inventers of the laser.  According to an expert, he says that the laser was invented by a group of people.  Albert Einstein was one of the people in the group that invented the laser.  There are many other scientists but all Alex had said was Albert Einstein.

























Ahlstrom, Dick

Take control of your lawn with a laser

April 28, 2008

This article is great.  It talks about a laser that can trim the top of your grass.  They say it's better for the environment and better for the grass.  The laser does not use any fossil fuel.  And it doesn't use that much electricity.




Laser Engraving

April 29, 2008

This article talks about a laser engraver.  It has no stupid ads so I liked it.  It talks about how lasers can engrave words really small such as words on a 2mm platform thing.



Weschler, Matthew

How Lasers Work

May 1, 2008

This article tells about atoms and how lasers work with the atoms.  It also talks about different types of lasers, such as ruby lasers.



Bellis, Mary

History of Lasers

May 1, 2008

This article tells about the history of lasers.  It tells when it was made, and what LASER stands for.