The awesome LG voyager

By Pedro


Who needs an ugly, fat phone when you can have a nice, awesome phone? When I say a nice, awesome phone, I am talking about the voyager. In this report I am going to give some interesting facts about the voyager. I am also going to tell you the cost of the voyager and how good the quality is on the voyager. I hope you like my report.

Interesting facts

You would be surprised at what the voyager can do.   According to, “Verizon Wireless takes touch to the next level with smooth navigation. Whether customers are accessing local weather reports, navigating to the Internet, flipping through photos, or one-touch dialing of loved ones, they can interact with features with just a flick of their fingers.” ( I think that it is really cool that the voyager can do all that stuff.


Here are some awesome facts about the voyager.  According to, “Besides having 3G, integrated instant messaging (AIM, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo), the Voyager also sports stereo Bluetooth for music headphones, and assisted GPS via Verizon's VZ Navigator. Plus the Voyager also sports not one but two LCDs.” ( It is awesome that the voyager has all that stuff. I really like the voyager.


There are some amazing things that the voyager has.  According to, “The verizon voyager has V CAST Mobile TV, dual integrated speakers, a two-megapixel camera, microSD expansion slot and VZ Navigator preloaded.” ( I think it is really awesome that the voyager has a two-megapixel camera and a really awesome navigational system.


       This will tell you about the cost of the verizon voyager.  According to, “Rumors have been circulating that the cost of the LG Voyager could be $300-$250 after a $50 dollar rebate.” ( I think that the voyager is kind of expensive. I still think that it is a cool phone.


       How good is the call quality???????????  According to, “The call quality on the voyager was disappointing.” ( I have never used a voyager phone so I would not know how good the call quality is. I will just have to trust


         Do people like the voyager???????????????  According to, “Verizon does have a pretty good history of pleasing its customers and more and more of this “pleasing” has been on the handset side.” ( I have never used a voyager phone but I think that it looks cool.


       Have you ever wondered how much critics liked the phone?  According to, “feedback spoiled us for other touch phones. Good new touch interface. V Cast TV looks like real TV. Camera a nice surprise.” ( I guess that means the critics like the voyager. It looks like a really cool phone.


Thank you for reading. I hope that you enjoyed learning about the verizon voyager.  Thanks again for reading my report.









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