Digital Video Editing is so cool!!

By: T.W.I.L.I.G.H.T


Digital Video Editing is so awesome. Have you ever wanted to edit one of your home videos? Now you can with the coolest device ever. Its DVE=Digital Video Editing. Just kidding there is no short term for Digital Video Editing, but that would be cool huh.  Now I will tell you what you can do with it and how to use, and much more. Now you will learn about the history and when it was made, plus it has stuff on if there is anything else like it. Now here is my report. I got most of my information at the websites that you will see below. This is a very great report and I really hope that you like it. I have been looking for all this information for a very long time. All the information I got could be wrong but I guaranty that it isnÕt though. If you think that it is wrong then maybe you should look it up yourself. DonÕt blame me for the wrong answers. Thank you and enjoy this amazing report on Digital Video Editing! Also there are 17 different meanings of the words Digital Video Editing. I will only talk about 1. Enjoy!

Main Idea

I am sure you know what DV Editing is anyway, but just incase I am going to tell you what it is. It is a device that makes it so that you can do what ever you want to do with a home video or a picture on your computer. This is how I know.

There is also something else that is just like DV, it is a device called Mini DV. It is just like it except smaller and less tech. At first all we had was Mini DV. Then we came up with something way more high tech, you all know what that means DV. The reason I know what Mini DV is because I went to So if you want to know something I donÕt go to that website.

If you are wondering if there is something better than DV than you will just have to be quiet. There is absolutely nothing better than DV Editing. So never think that again. If you think there is something better than stop reading this report. Here is were I got my info.

If you are wondering when DV will get better than your mistaken. It is already as good as it will ever get. It can do everything you can imagine. The thing is that hopefully they will make it so that we can edit movies besides your own. That may happen in the near future.

Now for all the things that DV can do. This will probably be the biggest paragraph that is on this report. Here we go. First off it can stretch all the pictures on your computer. Also it can make things blurry or colorful. You can also make movies in slow motion. Or you can make it really fast. Also the biggest thing of all is that it can take pictures and fast -forward some parts. There is a lot of things that a Digital Video can do and now you no some of them. I got al that info at


Did you know that DV was made in 1996? It was only called the Mini DV, but now it is way more high tech. It is way better now days. The thing is that now I am pretty sure that it is more money. It is a lot better now though itÕs worth it. It is the best thing ever. I really like it. I found this out at

       Now I have talked about this before, but I think I will again. DV used to only be Mini DV. Now I am so happy that we have DV instead of Mini DV. The reason they made something way better is because they needed something that was way more useful. And they came up with DV Editing. It can do a lot more stuff than Mini DV. I also found this info at

       There is also a thing called just plain DV.  It is way less cool. I donÕt get it why would anybody want to buy something for the same price as something way cooler? You want an answer donÕt you well I donÕt have one sorry. The thing is after reading this report I hope you donÕt do the same thing. Wait I no the answer if Digital Video Editing WasnÕt even out at the time that was the best thing there was. Yes im smart. My credit goes to


       Now if you are wondering who made it I cant tell you. I have looked everywhere for it but I cant find it. If you want to find out I suggest you go to

       The reason we even have Digital Video Editing is because now we are able to do so many more things with your home videos. Now we are doing so many things to make it cooler. Now I want to tell you something else.

        Now if you ever want to buy a Digital Video Editor than this is how to use it. First you buy it then you read the instructions. Now thatÕs the coolest way to do it. But if you want to do it the hard way then donÕt read the instructions. That is the end of the best report you ever read. Now go to one of the websites above. And now here is the saddest thing you ever heard. My information is from all those cool websites above. I donÕt want to mention all them there is t many. Just look it up.

I sniff sniff am so sad to end this report sniff. If you really like I thank you. Sniff Sniff. L I am so sorry I have to end it Sniff WAAAAAAAAA L Good Sniff Sniff By. Thank you for reading this report. Here is the end of this awesome report. Sniff!!!!



       Now I have to end this report. Obviously I am sad about it. If you do want to keep on learning more about my subject you no were to find all the info that you need. I enjoyed writing this for you. Good sniff sniff by. Wait donÕt leave yet okay you can go. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I donÕt want you to leave but I know it is probably is your bedtime or nap. Well then this is the end see ya. Wow this is harder than I thought.  SEE YAAAAAAA.




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