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My report is on ipods. And did you now that you can means

around with radios. It simple if some one has a radio on you can means it up and they wonÕt even know it. I hop you enjoy my report.  

What the iPod Can Do

This paragraph is about iPod features.  The ipod has features like movie, games including making your own, music

Pod casts and lots of other 



This paragraph is about how to control your iPod.  According to Apple, some of them have scroll wheels , touch wheel, click wheel and touch screen. (Apple.com)  So, itÕs easier to find stuff.  If it didnÕt have this, we would have to go through all our music to find our favorite song.  That would get annoying because you can put so many songs on an iPod.  It would take forever to find songs.

History of the iPod

This paragraph is about the very first iPod. The very first ipod was introduced  in 2001 and it could hold over 200 songs but you could not make games on it yet.


How an iPod Actually Works

This paragraph is about how you control an iPod. According to Apple, some of them have scroll wheels, touch wheels, click wheel and touch screen. (Apple.com)  I think ipods have lots of things you use to find songs and other things.


So ipods are very inter eating, and I hop you enjoyed my report.











 dennis lioyd

history of ipods

April 2,2008

ipods started to be made in january 9 2001 and was realest in october 23 2001





ipod modles

April 3/08

ipods have scroll wheels and lots of other stuff





how did they get the name ipod

April 4,08

apple came up with the name ipod