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Did you know that there is a phone that can walk by the sound of your voice? Well if not then you need to find out more about the voyager… The Verizon Wireless ‘Voyager’ is a one of the time exclusive offer! If you put the voyager in a different room (and if you want in the same room) then if you yell COME HERE then it will come to you… And if your still reading this, you have all been lied to! Read on!

What is the Voyager?

       Do you want a ‘Voyager?’ Well I will tell you right now, that you can (under a couple circumstances!).  Lets say that you are with ‘T-mobile’ or ‘AT&T’ customer well no longer will you be their customer because now its ALL about the ‘Voyager!’ So any one from the ages of 1-100 can have this all new ‘Voyager,’ all you have to do is transfer over to ‘Verizon Wireless! Oh and you have to have 300$-450$ in hand!

       If you may have the all new oh so very popular ‘iPhone!’ Wahoo, what a scam you just bought! You just paid 500$ for something you could have bought for 300$, and it would have been better even though it was cheaper! That’s what you get for buying the trend setting iPhone when you should have bought the Voyager. Two words, WAY NICER! You get a keyboard, navigation, Music, and a WHOLE lot more! Hmmmm... Maybe you will think about what to buy next time!

Some History

       If it weren’t for Dr. Martin Cooper, we wouldn’t be able to have the Voyager today!  According to ‘The Tech Faq’ Dr. Martin Cooper invented the first cell phone. Dr. Cooper is also known for making the first call on the cell phone. WOW! I have a cell phone of my own, and now when I use it I will surely think of all the hard work that dr. Cooper put into making the cell phone so that I can possibly have one today!

When the Voyager came out… Every one wanted this phone! But when, oh when did it come out, people are now questioning! According to Rich Tehani… “During The Christmas break of the year 2007-2008 Verizon Wireless came out with a perfect gift for a loved one, the Voyager! (” I wished I was a loved one to receive an Voyager, but unfortunately not!

How does it Work?

       So, as many people who has or is getting the voyager, knows that the voyager can connect with Cable TV. But, people want to know HOW? There is a little thing called Wi Fi Internet, it lets phones connect to Internet and TV. Wonderful aint’ it!

       Everybody loves music, but why buy a MP3 or an aped, when you just could have the Voyager! If you have the Voyager you wont need to a iPod and a cell phone and so, so, so much more! Because on the Voyager you can also play music on it! I know its so NEETO!

       Texting on a touch screen is SO overrated and SO outdated, that’s why the Voyager has a keyboard to go with it! According to "the Voyager is slightly chunkier than the iPhone because it also opens up into a screen-and-keyboard phone, like the enV, the phone before it. Now typing isn't so bad; it beats the Voyager's blatant iPhone-style touch screen typing, though even that isn't too bad. It's nice to have a choice." I love having choices and now I can have a choice on my phone!

       Say you want to play some music on your phone, but your driving so you can’t grab you phone to get to the music. Now you can just say, ‘Music’ and it will go right into your music. If you want to listen to one particular song then you say ‘Music, Low.’ Rich Tahrani says ‘All you have to do is speak. You can text by speaking open some of your programs by speaking! Everything, and only by speaking!’ Wow, that’s WAY cool, don’t you think?!?

         So, so very sorry…. But no the touch screen will NOT work while the phone is open! Sorry all of you who would have liked to play with the touch screen but look at the keyboard, the touch screen wont work. The voyager will still show what’s happening on the touch screen, but you just can have the touch gadget!

       2.0 WOW…. That’s amazing! Oh and if your just totally lost right now, I’m talking about how clear the camera is! Its 2.0-mega pixels! That’s really nice for a phone! That’s so clear its almost as clear as if you had an actual camera hooked on to your phone! The really nice part about it is you don’t have to have both the camera and the phone, ONLY the phone! Nifty eh?

       Well we have a 2.0-mega-pixel camera…. But do we have any other features? Well of COURSE! It has many other features, such as frames, double takes, and self-timer! The one bummer about the Voyager camera is that it does NOT have a flash! So sorry, cant use it in the dark!

       You can always find you way when your lost! According to Rich Tehani, "Lets pretend your driving, and you want to know where your at, all you have is your car, you, and the Voyager. Lucky for you….. The Voyager is a navigation device, with a certain adapter you can plug it in to your computer car, ect. And there you go you have your navigation."  ( WOW cool eh?


So are you still on your couch reading this, WITH NO VOYAGER PHONE?!?! Ugh! I’m so ashamed of you! GO OUT buy one RIGHT NOW!








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Tells of the many features of the voyager, size, camara clearness, ect. Not a bad site, okay amount of advertisments. Really good site!