By: A Purple Pony


       Have you ever been on a trip, and all of the sudden, your heart stops at the image of some creepy, slimy, intruder who is in your house, rummaging through your personal belongings! Well in this nightmare, did it ever occur to you that your house might really be being robbed at that exact moment?  Actually about every 15.4 seconds a house in America is being robbed, and 70% of them do not have home security systems.  In this report you will learn a lot of stuff about Home Security Systems such as: The history of it, what it is, and how it works.  ŃŃHOPE YOU ENJOY!!


       A lot of people have wondered where it was built.  According to Brinks Home Security Dealer, “The first home security system was built in Irving, Texas.” (www.brinksauthorizeddealer.com) It’s really weird that it was invented in our own United States, because it is used all around the world!

       This paragraph is about who invented it.  According to My Friend, “a man named Walter Bruch invented it.” (A friend of mine)  Even though I have never heard of this guy, I’m sure that he is very smart.  You would have to be smart in order to invent something so awesome and wonderful!

       This paragraph is about why Security Systems were invented.  According to Brinks Home Security Dealer, “It was invented to keep intruders out because there were too many burglaries.”  (www.brinksauthorizeddealer.com) Good thing it was invented, because we would still be having that problem right now.

       Many people have wondered if the security system has even improved over time, or if its just been this good all along… lets check it out.  According to Brinks Home Security Dealer, “A long time ago, the security systems used to be police officers in their old volks-wagons needing a call to know that anything happened.  Now, they have improved so much that you dont have to call the police yourselves, you can have in your home and NO MORE NEED OF VOLKSWAGONS!” (brinksauthorizeddealer.com) It’s a good thing that it has improved so much, because if it hadn’t then it would still be really big and bulgy.

How it Works

       This paragraph is about how outdoor alarms work.  According to encyclopedia Britannica, “They are wired through the wall, and also connected through satellite to the police station to contact them when needed.” (discoverer.prod.sirs.com) My family has an outside security alarm, and it’s really cool because it works really well.  Some people came toilet papering at my house, and the alarm was set off when they did it, and they got caught.  It was really funny.

       This paragraph is about how indoor alarms work.  According to wikipedia.com, “They usually only can only sense the opening and shutting of windows and doors, so that burglars cant get in, and teenagers cant get out.” (wikipedia.org) This is really cool, because protective parents that don’t want their kids getting out, can monitor what’s happening with them, and what they are doing.

       This paragraph is about wireless home security systems.  According to Jeff Bertolucci, “Yes, they can.  Not only are they easier to install, they are actually A LOT cheaper than regular-wired-security systems.”(web.ebscohost.com)  It’s really weird that they are cheaper, because usually when something is wireless, for instance: a phone, it’s a lot more money for a wireless one, and its really weird.

       Some people wonder how much time it takes for someone to get robbed.  After this paragraph, you will know.  According to Encyclopedia Britannica, “This is really sad, but every 15.4 seconds, a house in America is being robbed.”(discoverer.prod.sirs.com) And many of these houses do not have home security!  Actually, like I said in the intro, about 70% actually don’t.  I am one of that 30% that actually do have home security, and I’m really happy about that.

What it is

       This paragraph is about some cool things home security can do.  According to homesecuritystore.com, “Well, for one thing, they have finger print access (you have to put your finger on a pad to get in).  Theres also one that has pepper spray attached and it sprays the robbers.” (www.homesecuritystore.com) These devices may be cool, but its really hard to install, and very expensive.

       This paragraph is about the mystery of why indoor alarms aren’t found outdoors.  According to wikipedia.org, “The reason that indoor alarms are not found outdoors is because weather triggers them very easily and it is very hard to tell if there is actually a burglar.” (en.wiki.org) My grandma actually had an indoor alarm outdoors, and just like it said, the weather kept setting it off, and my grandma got really mad.  

       In this paragraph, you will learn about what types there are.  According to Encyclopedia Britannica, “There are 4 different kinds, photoelectric, space-protection, infrared, and ultrasonic. This is cool, the photoelectric alarm shoots an invisible beam of energy/light, and automatically calls the police or the owner.”(www.discoverer.prod.sirs.com) I’ve heard that they are actually making a new kind, that is better than this, and catches the intruder “off the bat” and it works very well.





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