Digital Video

By Dora the Explorer


Ever wondered how the digital video works? Ever want to find out the easy way, well now you can with my amazing digital video report, itŐs awesome, itŐs cool and itŐs everything you need to now about digital video




       This paragraph is about the amazing thing called Tivo. Did you know two people named Michael Ramsay and Thomas Rogers invented tivo in 1999?  It was invented in San Francisco Bay of the United States of America. Did you know that tivo has limited amount of space available to store programs. When the space is full, Tivo just deletes the oldest programs to make space for the new ones. I think that tivo is really cool and has a bunch of cool features

 Mini digital video

This paragraph is about the mini digital video. Did you that the mini digital video small can be recorded up to 4.6 hours of video. Did you know mini digital small can be record 60 or 90 minutes?