Nintendo DS



By Picklesss




The Nintendo DSÕs was released June 27 1909.  And it has been popular for a long time.  In Japan people have bought about 15.84 million.  I guess itÕs in Japan and other states. q.   And that in America 17.06 million Nintendo DSÕs were sold that is a lot.  ThereÕs a fun thing that is on the Nintendo DS right when you turn it on and touch the screen thereÕs this thing called well I donÕt remember what it is called.  But itÕs this thing that you can type use a pencil draw.  And you can talk to a friend when your in different roomÕs but not when your in different houseÕs because it wont work.

       This paragraph is about how many DSÕs have sold in Japan. According to wikipedia, they have sold over 22 million DS's in Japan. ( This is amazing because thereÕs only 2 million people in all of Utah.  That means, every single person in Utah (the kids, the adults, the grandmas, the grandpas, etc.—EVERYONE!) would have to buy 11 DSÕs to equal how many have been sold.  Amazing!


I bet you cant guess what the best selling Nintendo Ds game is well if you cant guess I will tell you it is nintendogs.  Nintendogs is a great game because its just like taking care of a real dog you can play with it feed it walk it and sometimes it even goes to the bathroom.  Nintendogs is also a great game because it uses a touch screen and the touch screen is awesome!

how it works

I think there are a lot of features of the DS.  Like one of the thingÕs is that there are two screens.  And the bottom one is a touch screen. I think another one is that it has a clamshell design and it has a built in microphone and supports wireless IEEE 802.11.   Guess what in the Nintendo DSÕs you can play game boy games in it.   You just put the game boy game in the bottom of the Nintendo DS and start playing the game. 


 Did you know that on march 2, 2006 Nintendo released Nintendo DS lite , a redesign of the Ninendo DS, in Japan. And it was later released in North America, Europe, and Australia in June 2006. 

The Nintendo DS lite is slimmer to the Nintendo Ds but the Nintendo DS lite is brighter screens and it is way cooler. 

Did you know that in 2008 Nintendo was honored at the 59th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards for pioneering the development of handheld games with its Nintendo DS system.  

what it is

Did you know that some people called the Nintendo DS NDS.  They called it that because itÕs a shorter way to say Nintendo DS.  Or some people just  call it Nintendo DS or DS.  Did you know that there are eight colors of the Nintendo DS.  Some of them are Jet black , Coral pink , those are the only oneÕs  I really remember.   There are a few more colors but I donÕt remember the rest I only remember two.     








Nintendo DS

June 27, 1909

Worldwide they have sold 15.78 million nintendo DS lite's