Who Needs a Gun When You Have a Nuclear Weapon?

By A Pre 7th grader!


Do you know what the loud boom was that made Japan give up. It was one of these.  Now everybody is scared to start a war with us.  It may take many lives but they come in handy when we need them!  ItÕs nuclear weapons and they are powerful!  In my report I will tell you what a nuclear weapon is and what nuclear and uranium means.  I will tell you some history about them that might surprise you.  Lastly I will tell you what happens when the atom in a nuclear bomb splits and more fun facts!

What it is

Nuclear weapons are devices that have chemicals in them that makes them have a chain reaction.  According to librarythinkquest.org Uranium is not the only material used for making atomic bombs. Another material is the element Plutonium.  However, Plutonium will not start a fast chain reaction by itself. Like it wonÕt make it explode quickly.  The bomb basically works by pushing a button that ÒstartsÓ the reaction. (Thinkquest.org) Once the reaction starts, the bomb will explode shortly.  Wow IÕm just glad people are this smart!

       DonÕt know what nuclear means?  According to U.S. department of energy natural or enriched uranium that sustains the fission chain reaction in a nuclear reactor. Also refers to the entire fuel element, including structural materials such as cladding(www.em.doe.gov).  You have got to admit thatÕs pretty cool!

       Wondering how nuclear bombs have improved?  According to think quest.org itÕs not that different they can just choose what size of explosion they want, the size they are, and how many types of them there are(thinkquest.org)!  It may seem its not that much but it is!  That is so awesome!

You know uranium is in nuclear stuff but do u know what uranium is?  According to U.S. department of energy uranium is slightly radioactive that naturally occurres heavy metal that is more dense than lead and 40 times more common than silver and is used in nuclear technology(www.em.doe.gov).  Wow I would like to see someone break through metal that is that hard!


       Wondering who decided to use the nuclear bomb?  According to library.thinkquest.org On May 31, 1945, sixteen men met in the office of Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson. The sixteen men were there to make decisions about a weapon the average American had never heard of--the atom bomb. They picked future targets for "The Bomb." They were not talking about "just another weapon." What they were discussing was "a new relationship of man to the universe," as said by Stimson. Humankind, the Secretary seemed to be saying, was at the most critical turning point in its entire recorded history(library.thinkquest.org).  Wow that is a tough decision to make!

       Did you know that nuclear power was made accidentally?  According to library.thinkquest.org Henri Becquerel was the first one to figure out there was radioactivity in uranium. He did it all by accident. That was a big discovery because the nuclear bomb could not have been discovered without that because they needed to know what had radioactivity to make the bomb explode(library.thinkquest.org).  Wow just think something that powerful was accidentally discovered!

How it works

       You know a lot about nuclear bombs but do you know how it works?  According to library.thinkquest.org Particles, specifically nuclei, are split and a lot of energy is released.  The power that is released makes a huge explosion and makes smoke rise into the atmosphere(to library.thinkquest.org)   .  Hey that is pretty awesome if you think about it.

         You know how it works but do u know how the atom splits?  According to library.thinkquest.org When the atom splits it gives off hot energy and gamma radiation ( the most powerful form of radioactivity and the most lethal)(library.thinkquest.org)  I would not want to come across any gamma I would freak out!

       Now you know how it works but do you know what happens after you use it?  According to library.thinkquest.org Nuclear weapons have a lot of affects.  The smoke rises into the atmosphere.  And anything that is really close to it is destroyed.  The wind can blow away particles a long way.  The fog can also be a shield from thermal radiation(to library.thinkquest.org).  I have asthma so it would suck if I got caught in one of those!

       WhatÕs something cool made by nuclear energy?  According to nti.org nuclear energy is used to make electricity(nti.org)  Just think you wouldnÕt be able to read this without electricity!  We use electricity everyday for most of the day!

         Do you know your jobs for the nuclear submarine?  According to The National Museum of American History Òwork is focused around several different areas and activities of a nuclear submarine; the attack center—the underwater equivalent of a surface ship's bridge—is the brain, where all of the decisions are made and passed along to the crew. The sonar room represents the ears and eyes of a submarine, where outside sounds are heard, processed and interpreted. The maneuvering room controls the nuclear reactor and converts its heat to energy for powering the submarine's systems and propulsion through the underwater environmentÓ (http://americanhistory.si.edu/Subs/operating/index.htmlv). Wow that is cool that the nuclear submarine works just like the human body!  The people that work on the nuclear submarines know a lot about the human body I wonder if they are doctors too. Ha ha ha no.


Nuclear weapons are amazing it is way cool what they can do.  Some people are against them but they do come in handy when someone starts a war and is trying to kill us!  If you want to learn some more about this just go to the websites I told you above they have a lot more cool information!








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