What is that?

By ~Shooting Star~


ItÕs a bird, itÕs a plane, itÕs, a car?  Have you ever thought why canÕt I just take off instead of sitting in this traffic?  Wish you could just fly away?  Well hereÕs the answer, a flying car!  In my report you will learn about the flying car.  First, I will tell you about what it is, then I will tell you the history, then finally I will tell you how it works.  I hope you like it.  Read and enjoy!

What it is

       This paragraph is about what a flying car actually is.  According to wikipedia a flying car is a car that is stuck in traffic but can suddenly take off and fly (wikipedia.com)!  It would be cool to fly randomly out of nowhere.  Just like back to the future. 

The Wheels turn and then you are flying.  There would probably be fewer accidents because if you fell off cliff you could fly.

       This paragraph is about other names that the flying car is called.  According to BBC news a flying car is also called a sky car (bbcnews.com).  I think sky car sounds cooler than flying car.  Hovercraft sounds cooler too.  I think thatÕs another name for a flying car?


       The first patent for the flying car.  The first patent was in 1918 by Felix Longobardi.  There have been a lot of patents for a flying car.  I wonder if that guy was Italian.  If he is he is awesome!

       The first flying car.  According to Kevin Bonsor in the 18th century, the first flying car someone tried to make was out of a horse carriage (travel.howstuffworks.com).  They would have called it a gliding horse carriage.  But it didnÕt work.  I wonder why?

       How many failings have there been?  According to Kevin Bonsor, there have been 5 failings (travel.howstuffworks.com).  ThereÕs probably way more by now.  They really want to make a flying car.

       The third flying car.  According to Kevin Bonsor they didnÕt have enough money to fund the project (travel.howstuffworks.com).  There would probably be a flying car if they wouldÕve had the right amount of money.  They probably were really mad.

       Henry Ford and his flying car.  According to roadable times, Henry Ford started building his flying car in 1892 (roadabletimes.com).  That was a long time ago.  Is he still alive?  If he is, and heÕs still working on the flying car, that would be a long time.

       Was simple to think about the flying car?  According to popular mechanics, all they had to do was add an airplane engine (popularmechanics.com).  But I bet it was tough since there is still no flying car.

       What company has tested a flying car?  According to BBC news, the Davis, California Company has tested a flying car (bbc.com).  There are probably way more but that was the only one in the UK.  ThatÕs where the article was from.

       The cost for a flying car.  Flying cars are going to be really expensive.  Read this, according to Kevin Bonsor, The Flying car will cost up to $1 million, but when they mass-produce they will only cost around $60,000(howstuffwork.com).  ThatÕs still a lot but itÕs better than a million.

How it works

How does it move?  According to Kevin Bonsor, satellites will guide a flying car (howstuffworks.com).  I think howstuffworks.com had said that they were GPS satellites.  There are a lot of those already so that will be the worst of their worries.

Do we have the right things?  According to Kevin Bonsor, we have everything we need for a flying car (howstuffworks.com).  They just have to put it in the right order.  When they do, there will be a flying car.

A transforming Flying Car.  According to a picture I got from gizmo watch, a flying car can transform (gizmowatch.com). It is really cool.  I think it is the coolest flying car I have seen.  ItÕs pretty amazing.  HereÕs the picture I saw.


DonÕt you want it now that you know about it?  There would be less traffic and less pollution.  If your sad itÕs not here yet just wait because people are trying to make it a reality.  So just wait a few years.  You would be surprised.









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