Security Cameras

By Cocoa Bananas


      This is the two-year-old James Bulger being led away by his killers in a shopping center. 

He was killed on February 12, 1993.  He was three years old.  Without security cameras in the shopping center, they would not have been able to catch the killers.  What if something like this happened to you or someone you loved, wouldnÕt you want the killers in jail?  Well, with security cameras, you can actually make this happen.  Security cameras provide safety and reduce potential crime.  You will learn all about them in my report, like the history, what it is, and a lot more.      

What it is

This paragraph is about the different kinds of security cameras.  I found that there are many different kinds of security camera. There are even security cameras, that arenÕt really security cameras at all.  They call them dummy cameras (in other words, a fake security camera).  They have all the looks of a security camera, but none of the brains.  It is to fool a potential robber, or robbers, to think that they have security, but they really donÕt. the other types of security cameras are: motion sensors, home security, complete security packages, personal pendant alarms, wireless security cameras.  There are many more that I do not know about.


This paragraph is about who invented security Cameras.   Security cameras date back to 1942, where they were used to observe the launching of the V2-rockets in Germany.  A German man named Walter Bruch installed the first security camera.  Today security cameras are still being used in modern rocket facilities, used to find what might be causing possible malfunctions in the rockets.

This paragraph is about security cameras worldwide.  As you know, security cameras were invented in Germany; so, we are not the only country who uses them.  In fact, England is the leading distributor, which means that they have the most security cameras worldwide, that is according to Wikipedia.  Although security cameras in the United States are less common than in other countries, it is increasing.  In 1998, 3,000 security cameras were found in New York City.  There are currently 2,200 security cameras are in Chicago.

This paragraph is about buying one.  Security cameras are a great source of safety and security.  Buying a security camera is a very smart decision.  In one year, about 1/6 families get robed, and only about 1/3 of them have security cameras.  Are you that 1/3? If not, it is a great option to consider.  A home security camera only costs $59.99.  



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