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Hello my name is bubbles and this is what I learned about stun guns, which is cool to learn.

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What it is

This paragraph is about what is a Stun gun?

A stun gun is a powerful, electric gun that can kill people that arenŐt careful with it (is a bad creature and itŐs meanL)


How it works

This paragraph is about what is inside of a stun gun?

Inside of a stun gun is a lot of electronic stuff witch a stun gun is invented like iPod, cell phone, radio, or a TV, and lots of other things There are interesting things in my Research

Here is a paragraph about how a stun gun works

According to (Wikipedia) a stun gun is very easy to use and very

Dangerous to use it can kill a person even you if you donŐt know how to use it the appropriate way.

Dangerous things

This paragraph is about can a stun gun kill a person?

 According to how (stuff works) Stun guns can kill a person if it resist stun guns are powerful electricity.

Here is a paragraph of. How does a stun kill a person?

According do (Wikipedia) a stun gun can kill a person by electrocuting and shooting a person



Review main ideas. Follow up on attention-getter.





By Harris Tom

 How Stun Guns Work

April 29, 2008

On the old "Star Trek" series, Captain Kirk and his crew never left the ship without their trusty phasers. One of the coolest things about these weapons was the "stun" setting. Unless things were completely out of control (as they frequently were), the Enterprise crew always stunned their adversaries, rendering them temporarily unconscious, rather than killing them.



by Tom Harris

Stun guns Liquid change

April 30, 2008

One of the newer stun weapons is the liquid stun gun. These devices work the same way as Taser guns except they use a liquid stream to conduct electricity rather than extended wires.



Tom  Harris

How Stuff works

April 30, 2008

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