The Trilogy

By Austin ~ Weenig


Have you ever lost a loved one to cancer? Have you ever wondered what could have saved them? The answer: The Trilogy. The Trilogy is an amazing way to use radiation to get rid of cancer! IÕm going to tell you about it, like what it is, how it works, and the history of the Trilogy. If you want to learn more then youÕll have to read on.

What it is and how it work

       Now to answer the question that everyoneÕs been asking. What is Trilogy? According to Varian Medical Systems ŌTrilogy is the world's premier image-guided system that is capable of delivering all forms of external beam radiation, allowing physicians to pinpoint cancer in the head, neck and body, and use the most effective treatments for each type of cancer.Ķ (  IÕm really glad that I donÕt have to worry about finding a get-rid-of-cancer machine when I know that the Trilogy does all of that!

 You may be wondering what type of degree you need to work cancer. This paragraph is dedicated to telling you what you need to work the Trilogy. According to Rhode Island Hospital a radiation oncologist is a physician who is trained to use radiation for cancer treatment. ( IÕm really glad that someone has to be trained to use the Trilogy; I mean if they werenÕt you could die in the Trilogy.

       Some of you may be wondering how long you should plan to spend in the Trilogy. According to Rhode Island Hospital the normal surgery inside the Trilogy takes about an hour. ( DonÕt you agree that itÕs a lot less stress and pain if you take out an hour from your day and just go for an hour and then you have no more cancer? YouÕd have a better time in life!

       Are you ever worried that you might get radiation poisoning? Well if you have cancer radiation may save your life. How, you ask? Well according to Peninsula Cancer Center ŌRadiation is pure energy delivered in beams. It works by damaging the DNA of cancer cells so they can no longer reproduce. Because cancer is characterized by rapid reproduction, this stops cancer from growing and spreading.Ķ ( IÕm really glad that the radiation can help people. Imagine, your uncle is poisoned because of radiation and using radiation therapy saves your aunt!

       ThereÕs loads of stuff that the Trilogy can do. But IÕm here to tell you about a couple of them. According to California Pacific Medical Center, the Trilogy system can be used for conformal and Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT)( I think that itÕs cool that the Trilogy can be used for the conformal and intensity modulated radiotherapy because then the people that need to be treated with that can be treated well by the Trilogy.


Do you know who the first people in America that ever got to use the Trilogy System were? Of course not! That is why IÕm supposed to tell you! According to Varian Medical Systems the first ever people in America were the doctors at the Rhode Island hospital. (Http//: IÕm a little sad because the people in Utah didnÕt first use the Trilogy. But that is ok because it was still used in America!

Do you think that the Ômade in chinaÕ is taking over?  Fear no longer! According to the expert La Tina Chica, the Trilogy was invented in America. I think that that is so cool because if it were invented in another country then the Trilogy would be a lot more expensive!



Now youÕll know what to do if you ever get the dreaded phone call, that says, ŌOne of your relatives has just found out that he or she has cancer.Ķ All you have to do is go to Varian Medical Systems and tell them that you need the Trilogy. ThatÕs all folks; I hope you enjoyed my report.






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Varian Medical Systems

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