Nuclear Submarines

By Brooklyn Schneider


There is a war going on you need to be in the water to be under cover. A submarine can do that job well but they don’t have weapons that can be used to win the war what should you do. Should you just not try to win? No! You should get a nuclear submarine and win that war with their powerful nuclear weapons. Nuclear submarines are very handy and really important in this world. In this report I will tell you about many things mainly what nuclear submarines are, the history of nuclear submarines, and how nuclear submarines work.

What Nuclear Submarines are

       This paragraph is about how much money nuclear submarines cost.  According to the nuclear submarine use to cost $150,000.00 and now they cost $2 billion including fuel. ( Crazy that’s probably more than a trip to Tonga!


       This paragraph is about how long nuclear submarines are. According to A nuclear submarine is as big as a football field! ( That’s extremely big, 300 feet!


         This paragraph is about the biggest submarine in the world. According to, the biggest submarine in the world is a nuclear submarine it is called Typhoon. The Typhoon is very big it is 564 feet long, it has a beam of 74.8 feet and it weighs 50,000 tons! Their speed is over 30 knots and it can last for 120 days. Their crew is completed with 130 people! ( That is one cool submarine.


This paragraph is about how deep submarines go. On this website it says, “U.S. Navy submarines can submerge deeper than 800 feet. The actual depth is classified, but it is less than the deep-diving U.S. Navy-supported civilian research submarines that explore the bottom of the oceans.” ( This means that the submarine can go deeper than 800 feet that is farther than their length!


The History of Nuclear Submarines

       This paragraph is about how submarines are named. On this website… it says,  “Previously, attack submarines were named after fish and ballistic missile submarines for famous figures in American history. Today, attack submarines have principally been given names of cities, and ballistic missile submarines have usually received the names of states. The newest classes of fast attack submarines are named for states, famous Americans, and earlier classes of submarines.” ( This means that they used to be named after fish and famous figures in American history. Today they are named mainly after cities and states.

How They Work

       This paragraph is about why submarines are painted black.  According to, most submarines (including nuclear submarines) are painted black because it helps them blend in with the ocean. While you are working hiding is a very important part on a submarine. Black seems to be the best for it to blend in ( That is cool how they are all mostly black!


       This paragraph is about nuclear submarine’s power supply. According to Craig Freudenrich and Marshall Brian nuclear submarines are powered up by nuclear reactors. Which helps them go forward or reverse in the water. They also need electric power to be able to have the equipment operated. There are also Submarines that use diesel engines that burn the fuel or the nuclear retractors. Diesel submarines are like a hybrid vehicle, because most diesel submarines have more than one diesel engine. The generators can recharge a big battery bank. Once the batteries are charged all the way, the submarine can start going underwater. ( I never would have thought submarines could use diesel.


       This paragraph is about how you can go serve on a submarine. According to, all you have to do serve on a submarine is volunteer for submarine service after you join the Navy. (Because everyone in the submarine force is a volunteer) After you do that the Navy sends you to specialized school so you can start training. Sooner or later you will be aboard the submarine as a Submariner. ( It’s cool how you volunteer to serve on a submarine.


This Paragraph is about women serving on a submarine. On this website it says, “Women are not currently assigned to submarine crews because of the very limited habitability and privacy onboard a submarine. However, women have been on submarines for short durations as civilian technicians for specialized equipment testing, family members for one-day dependent cruise, and female midshipmen conducting two-day orientation cruise.” ( This means women don't get assigned to crews because of the privacy on board, but women have been on submarines before for their great techniques.


       This paragraph is about the missions submarines perform. According to the website above, they perform many missions. Their missions include: Sea Control, Anti–Submarine Warfare, Mine Warfare, Battle Group Support, and much more. ( They can do very many stuff! There are probably at least 35 missions they can do.



This paragraph is about how people get organized on submarines. According to, they are divided into different parts depending what they do. The supply officer cooks meals and works with spare parts. Weapons Department is in charge of the weapons. Also the Engineering department is in charge to take care of the chief Engineer. There are also many others including: Executive department, they work for the XO (the second officer in command). ( There are so many members of the crew because there are so many important jobs to do on a nuclear submarine or any kind of submarine.


Now you know how nuclear submarines work, what they are, and the history of them, I hope you use a nuclear submarine when you are in great danger during the war.





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