The Trilogy System


By: Louie llama


Do you know someone who is in need of help, because he or she is diagnosed with cancer? Does he or she refuse Kemo Therapy? Why donŐt you introduce them to the Trilogy System? WhatŐs that? Oh, right! You may not know about the Trilogy System! Wow, all right then, we must get started right away!  

How It Works and what it is

What is Trilogy? Oh my, the things the world can invent! The Trilogy System, is a system to help rid your cancer faster than any other therapy in the world. According to Washington Hospital Center, It works by using IGRT, (Image-Guided Radiation TherapyÉ Does not hurt!) And intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) these are very important when treating cancer. IMRT is a three-dimensional radiation therapy treatment that lets radiation oncologists check the planning and delivery of high doses of radiation to the targeted area, while minimizing radiation to healthy tissue. IGRT enhances the accuracy of IMRT by using detailed images to find and kill diseases. (

 So, it practically sends radiation beams to the targeted area of where you have cancer, So lets say you had a brain tumor, the doctor would come up with a plan along with an oncologist and you, to get the radiation therapy. (Depending on how large the tumor is, they use certain doses of radiation delivered to the patient. So the bigger the tumor, more radiation.) The trilogy system then sends radiation beams to the tumor, breaking off cells from the tumorŐs DNA. Eventually the tumor dies because it has to have those cells that were broken offÉ The tumor slowly disappears, leaving you tumorless!


The trilogy system was developed in the Emory University School of Medicine's Department of Radiation Oncology. There are currently only 32 Trilogy Linears in the world so there really isnŐt very much information on who invented it or when or what. L  But you can go to a few websites that have lots of information. (my personal favorite!)

In the End

The Trilogy System is perfect for that loved one of yours. Please, inform him or her about it, keep them safe from getting hurt or even dead. Tell them about The Trilogy System and how it works, and maybe you too will learn something!