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By ice princess 8


Has your house ever been broken into? Are you afraid for your home’s safety while you are on vacation? And did you know that 40% of families get robbed every summer and only 3% have home security. Here is some information about home security, specializing in burglar alarms. I will tell you what burglar alarms are, then I will explain about the history of the burglar alarm, and finally, I will explain how it works.

What it is

This is the definition of a burglar alarm. According to www.dictionary.reference.com, a burglar alarm is “an automatic device for giving an alarm when a window, door, safe, etc., is opened or tampered with, as by a burglar.” (www.dictionary.reference.com)

There are many types of burglar alarms. According to Wikipedia.org, The most common kind are space-protection alarms. Some modern space-protection alarms include: photoelectric alarms, microwave alarms, infrared alarms, and ultrasonic alarms     (www.wikipedia.org)

Sometimes burglar alarms are not so cheap.  The prices could range between $100-$1000. It takes usually $50-$100 to install, or you could install it yourself!



This paragraph is about who invented the  burglar alarm. According to Mario Chompass, One man, by the name of Edwin Holmes invented and installed the world's first burglar alarm.  This invention occurred in a tiny factory within Boston, Massachusetts. This burglar alarm was a very simple machine; a spring was released upon the opening of a window or door, which would then close an electrical circuit (www.ezinearticles.com).


The burglar alarm has improved in a lot of ways. Think back to bells on a door- to now, invisible energy/light. You can see there have been a lot of changes, like electricity, volume, and size. Let me tell you about how some different alarms work.

How it works

Like I said, the space-protection alarms are very common. I will talk about how each of the alarms work. I will include: photoelectric alarms, infrared alarms, microwave alarms, and ultrasonic alarms.

 First, I will talk about photoelectric alarms. This kind of alarm is very high-tech. These can detect motion in a certain area. They will send an invisible beam of energy/light and automatically call the police, the owner, the company of the alarm, and it starts the alarms outside.        

Next are infrared alarms. Infrared alarms are alarms that also detect motion, and they can find dangerous objects. These alarms are very useful. They cannot be placed outside, however, because they would detect too much motion and would cause chaos.

Microwave alarms detect changes in the electromagnetic frequency. When the alarm senses an unusual change in the frequency, it sounds the alarm. That is so cool!



Ultrasonic alarms are like microwave alarms. But these alarms detect changes in the sound.  So when alerts spot a major difference, they could activate alarms and call people. Sweet, huh?



I hope you learned a lot of interesting facts about home security and burglar alarms today. Maybe you did. Maybe you didn’t. Maybe you’d like to buy one. But anyways, I really hope you enjoyed my report. Thanks for reading. J






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