DVDs Could Save Your Life


By The Coolest


Mom!  Get the car keys!  Emergency!  If you have ever needed to return a rental DVD that is late, you might have heard these words.  What would you say if I told you that there are some DVDs that never have to be returned.  Did you hear me?  I said never.  At this rate, we’ll have plenty of DVD coasters to put our drinks on J.  I’ll give you the details to this little miracle inside my report.  You will learn what DVDs are, how they work, and how they’ve improved.   You will be surprised.  Let’s go.

What DVDs Are

What started the DVD?

Text Box:   DVDs are super cool gadgets that let you watch your favorite shows on a disc!  According to Tom Harris, “The basic idea behind standard DVDs is very simple. The images and sound that make up a DVD disc are encoded digitally -- as bits of information.” (Howstuffworks.com) Awesome!  You could take it home in your pocket!


       How do the shows get on the DVD? 

According to Tom HarrisThe DVD manufacturers put all this digital information onto a disc as a pattern of "bumps" (raised areas) and "lands" (flat areas), arranged in a very long track, spiraled around the disc. The manufacturing machinery presses the bumps into layers of polycarbonate plastic and then sputters a reflective metal layer onto the plastic. (Howstuffworks.com)” Wow! How cool! I would love to work in one of these factories.

How DVDs Work                                                                                 

DVDs or CDs what to choose?

According to Tom Harris, “Unlike CDs, DVDs actually have two reflective layers -- an inner reflective layer, and a semi-transparent outer reflective layer -- with two different data tracks (so the disc can hold more information). The manufacturing machinery bonds the two layers together using resin adhesive, which hardens into solid plastic, securing the two sides into a single disc. (Howstuffworks.com)” I like having CDs and DVDs of the movie because then I can listen to a CD in the car and have a DVD to enjoy at home.                                               

       This paragraph is about how a DVD player reads the DVD  According to Tom Harris, “When you play a DVD, the DVD player shines a narrow laser beam over the data track. The laser hits the bumps and flats on both reflective layers, and the beam bounces back to an opto-electronic sensor (basically, a light reader). Because they are different shapes, the bumps and flats reflect light differently. The sensor detects the difference, reading the pattern encoded onto the disc. (Howstuffworks.com)” That’s some news to me!  Very cool ways to do stuff.    


The New and Improved Rental DVD

This paragraph is about what a flexplay DVD is.

 According to Tom Harris, “Flexplay's discs work exactly the same way, but they include a specialized layer of material in the disc, in front of the inner reflective layer. This layer is the key to the disc's limited playtime, as we'll see in the next section. (Howstuffworks.com)” How many layers do they need?  Next thing you know there will be eighteen!


       This paragraph is about how Flexplay DVDs are so different from regular DVD.  According to Tom Harris, “The secret to Flexplay discs is an extra layer added to a standard DVD structure. This specialized layer includes a chemical compound that readily combines with oxygen in the atmosphere to form a new chemical compound.  While the original chemical compound is transparent, the new chemical compound is opaque. When the layer is transparent, the laser passes straight through to the reflective layers, reading the DVD as it normally would. When the layer is opaque, the laser can't make it to the inner reflective layer, so the disc is effectively blank to the DVD player. (Howstuffworks.com)” Amazing, the DVD will stop when your rental time is up.  To me this will be very helpful.  Imagine that!  No more returning DVDs to Redbox or where ever you get them from.                                   

       This paragraph is about how you know your rental time is up.   According to Tom Harris, Well when you open the package the air from the atmosphere hits the third layer and starts the reaction.  When the reaction starts it will start slowly (through the rental period) then it will speed up and make the top layer go from a reddish color to a dark black.  That is how you know that your rental time is up. I like the color red so I’ll probably like these DVDs.                                     



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May 1, 2008

This article is awesome!  It tells you everything in this universe and beyond about DVDs that you could ever want to know.  This article tells how they make dvds, the ideas that came in the making of dvds and tons more.