The awesome CELL PHONE

By a person


This report is about cell phones. Cell phone is a great piece of technology.

Cell phone History

CELLPHONE is technology. The cell phone is something that you can call people with. There is different kind of cell phones like blackberry, phone and there is probably more kinds of phones. The cell phone is like a computer. The cell phone was invented By Martin Cooper on the year 1973. 


Cell phones are very useful because you can call people or you can text people. Cell phones have become very popular. Martin cooper is almost 90 years old so he invented the cell phone along time ago. He first made a call on the cell phone in 1973. A mobile telephone is a long distance, handy electronic device made for personal telecommunication over lengthy distances.


How cell phone works

The cell phone is technology! The cell phone was invented so you could call people and so you can text people and you can e-mail people on it. There is a lot of information about cell phones that people canŐt find!! The cell phones are getting better and better every year.



Thank you for reading my report on the awesome cell phone