By Bob


Do you want to learn awesome stuff about DTV. I will teach you about what it is and DTV history!

What it is

Do you want to learn awesome stuff about DTV? According to  DTV deadline, Which markets are the least ready for the awesome DTV? The bottom of the list is Albuquerque-Santa Fe, New Mexico has 12.24 percent of their homes are not ready to switch. Also close to the bottom of the list Dallas Ft. Worth 10.21 percent are not ready, Houston 9.95 percent, Tulsa 9.53 percent, and Portland, Oregon. Philio T. Farnsworth invented DTV. Man, a creature ever trying to improve things, has long diddled with an idea of making images from TV sharper.

This paragraph is about cool stuff on DTV. DTV is sending and receiving moving images and sound by digital signals in contrast to the analog signals that you use today. The first country to make a wholesale switch to digital over the air broadcasting was Luxembourg, in 2006. Since then, the Netherlands, Finland, Andorra, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Portugal have followed suit.

Now you know way more than you did before you read this.


DTV history

       This paragraph is about how DTV could help people. According to DTV.Gov, Digital TV is an advanced broadcasting technology that replaces over the air broadcasting, DTV broadcasting allows stations to get improved picture and sound quality along with a host of other things that could help someone during their life.

       This paragraph is about the percent of channels showing side by side. DTV is a fairly new technology that provides a medium which television, television stations can broadcast channels over the air with way more clear stuff and sound. Today more than 94% of the current channels showing side by side with digital, and that number keeps growing.


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