Something that can hurt or help you

By compala dongaduga


Do you have trouble pointing at things because your too short well I have a answer for solving that youŐll have to read my report to find out how. It will  also tell the history and what it is and does.


This paragraph is about what year the laser was invented.  According to lasers were invented in the year 1960. Lasers have improved over time a lot when lasers were first invented they were mostly lights some of the old ones could cut through metal. Now days there are more lasers that can cut through metal but not all lasers can cut through metal. Back then they didnŐt have colors for lasers but now they do. It was built in the 1960s and since then it has improved over time.

       This paragraph is about who invented the laser. Theodore maiman invented the first laser in 1960. He was 79 when he did first invented it but Albert Einstein theoretically invented the laser before Theodore maiman.

What it is

This paragraph is about what laser stands for.  Laser stands for light amplification of stimulated emission radiation I am not sure how it got itŐs name, but I do know that who ever made when ever he/she made it is weird because they made it so long.

This paragraph is about what country sells lasers the most. The United States of America sells laser most. They mostly light lasers but they still sell a lot of other lasers.


How it works

This paragraph is about the difference between a light laser and the other lasers. The difference between a light laser and the other are the other lasers can cut through metal.



Hope you enjoyed my report.