The cool thing that goes around the world Satellites!

By twlight


Have you ever wondered what was the first satellite was called. I the next paragraph I will tell you about what the firs satellite was 

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According to wikipedeia on Oct 4, 1957 the first artificial satellite was put into orbit. They called it Spudnik 1.  When Spudnik was launched it caught the U.S. by surprise. This began the space race and the movement to reform science education.


The Satellite had two radio transmitters and weighed 184 pounds. It is believed to have orbited the Earth about 150 miles high. The radio signals helped gather information.  Radio beeps indicated if the temperature or pressure had changed. This would tell them if the satellite had been hit by a meteorite or not. It was launched by a r-7 rocket. It was burned up on January 3, 1958 when it entered the earthÕs atmosphere again.


The Soviet Union launched several satellites in what they call Spudnik program. Spudnik 2 fallowed as the second satellite in orbit. Spudnik 2 was also the first to carry an animal. It was a dog named laika. Spudnik 3 was their first failure.


Now you know more about satellites. Hope you liked it.