Tazer can save your life.

By Bob the builder


Imagine it is night.  You are in a lonely, dark alley in New York.  Suddenly, a robber jumps at you and grabs you by the neck.  What do you do?  A tazer could save your life.  Why not pepper spray? It gets to expensive but tazer can be re-used over and over but you just have to re-supply the bullets. In this report I am going to teach you some interesting facts about tazers, like what it is and does, and how it works. Enjoy my report. :)

What it is and does

What is a tazer?  According to Tazer International, inc. It is a type of police tech that is meant to stun the bad guys. But you have to have some weird license to buy them and the other weird fact about my topic is trying to get rid of it because people are using them to torcher other people.

What comes out of the tazer? I am going to tell you what comes out of a tazer. The things that look like electricity are really bullets that leave an electricity wave behind it.


Does a tazer blow up under water?  According to (http://www.taser.com). A tazer can but it usually does some times it does if you are very unlucky.


How it works


How do you use it?

According to (http://www.tazers.com/É) Here is how to use a tazer. To use a tazer you have to unlock the safety thing and then pull the trigger and one or two bullets come out.


Does it work under water?

According to (http://www.tazers.com/É) The question that I am going to answer has lots of answers and I am going to put them in one answer. The answer is that a tazer would work under water but everything in the water would get electrocuted including you.





Now you know to buy a tazer donŐt forget it could save your life.