I want my own dtv daddy

By Mystery Girl


I HATE MY STUPID TV so I ask my dad if I can have my own DTV in my own room but did you know what he said he said NO. Hi my name is a mystery girl in my world but I am here to tell you about DTV like why we have to switch to DTV and the history about DTV. -


This paragraph is about why they invented it.  According to fcc.gov, DTV is a new type of broadcasting technology that will transform television, as we now know it. DTV technology will allow broadcasters to offer television with movie-quality picture and CD-quality sound, along with a variety of other enhancements. DTV technology can also be used to transmit large amounts of other data into the home, which may be accessible by using your computer or television set.


The switch

This paragraph is about why we need to switch.  According to DTV.gov, the reason that consumers like to buy DTV is because it allows stations to offer improved picture and sounds quality, and digital is much better then those others ones. I think it will be great because I kind of like TV. 

This paragraph is about what you need to switch. According to DTV.gov (again) you need a new TV because the one you have is impossible at finding a signal but with DTV you can find a signal and your old TV isnÕt very bright with color and sound, that won't happen with DTV. I hope you enjoyed it. I think having DTV would be cool because I just have a TV but it works so yeah.

This paragraph is about we are switching to DTV.

According to Chris Pollette One reason for the switch is to free up space for police like we have all the things that need signal like TV, laptops, radio, eyetouch or iphone I donÕt care but all those things takes a lot of room so some day maybe we will have TV into radio and radio into TV so all that will switch but DTV wonÕt so the fire department would have enough room because regular TV takes a lot of room and DTV doesnÕt so the fire department would have enough room for all the things the did to do like the thing that tells them that a fire is there or a building is falling or something like that and the rest goes to the store I forgot what itÕs called but I hope you enjoy my report on DTV.


I hope you liked all 5 of my paragraphs and the 4 pictures in my paragraphs