Flying High Satellites

By: Curious And Confused Angel


Do you ever ask your mom or dad, “Hey is that star moving?“ and then your mom or dad replies, “That’s not a star, it’s a satellite.” This report is going to give you a lot of interesting information about satellites like what the first satellite was called, what the five types of satellites are, and lots of other interesting stuff.


What a Satellite Is

This paragraph is about what a satellite really is. According to, a satellite is any item or object that orbits or revolves around another item (Usually it is Earth) the moon is a satellite of Earth, and Earth is a satellite of the Sun.

This paragraph is about communication satellites. According to, a communication satellite is a satellite that helps give us a connection to radios, television, phones, etc. Communication satellites send the information to Earth so that we can watch television, listen to the radio, etc.

This paragraph is about what a navigation satellite is. According to Yahoo Answers, Navigation satellites are satellites that help aircraft, ships, and nuclear submarines determine where their position is and with a very large amount of accuracy by transmitting constant signals.

Satellite History

       This paragraph is about who invented satellites. According to Wiki Answers, the first satellite was not invented by one person, but was invented by a large group of Russian scientists. Although, the idea of the satellite was thought up by Arthur C. Clarke. Arthur C. Clarke receives credit for the invention of communication satellites though.

       This paragraph is about when the first satellite was launched.   According to, the first satellite was launched October 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union launched the very first satellite, Sputnik 1. Sputnik 1 orbited the Earth for three months.

This paragraph is about how much the first satellite weighed. According to Wiki Answers, The first satellite, Sputnik 1, was actually the world's largest artificial satellite, was about the size of a basketball and weighed 183 pounds. (Omg that’s big for a satellite.)


How satellites Work

       This paragraph is about how a satellite works. According to Wikepedia, A satellite is a system thought gives us signals and connections. Due to Earth's gravity, satellites are constantly falling towards the Earth. Satellites have a very fast speed and they are moving horizontal towards the Earth. Satellites work with the Earth's curvature and movement of it's own so it won't hit the Earth.

This paragraph is about where a satellite goes when it dies out (Stops working). According to David Engber, when a satellite is in geosynchronous orbit at an altitude of under 36,000 kilometers, it must be moved farther away from the Earth at the end of its useful life. A formula that is very hard to create determines how high the satellite must go up to reach a suitable "disposal orbit," but most satellites end up about 300 km above where they started.



This paragraph is about what a weather satellite is. According to Yahoo Answers, Weather satellites, sometimes called meteorological satellites, provide practically never-ending up-to-date info about atmospheric conditions like cloud cover and information about specific temperatures.



I really hope that you know a ton more than you did when you first started reading this report. If not then well… umm… I need to do better on this report. (LOL) Okay well I hope you that you found a ton of information about what a satellite is, the history of a satellite, and how a satellite works. J



P.S. You know how my nickname above is Curious and Confused Angel; well I’m also confusing (Laugh Out Loud).