The Technology Of The Future

By: Summer’s Almost Here


Everyone has definitely heard of the cell phone, but if not you should totally read my report. The modern day cell phone is like the future today! It is so popular that you could only imagine how the future cell phones will be. My report tells lots of facts about the cell phone, but if think I’m going to tell you the facts right now, you are wrong. You have to read my report!


       This paragraph is about how cell phones work. According to ( David W. Matolak, “How cellular telephones work. Radio waves carry a user's message to an antenna in the cell in which the user is operating the telephone. Typically, the antenna is mounted on a steel tower. Cables connect the antenna to a receiver and transmitter at the tower’s base. The base transmitter relays the call to a mobile telephone switching office (MTSO). The MTSO transmits the call to a local phone company, which sends it to the receiving phone or to a long-distance company for completion.” Being known for something that is used everyday would make me very proud.

      This paragraph is about what the cell phone is. Well I already know this one; the cell phone is a device that lets you contact people. So, you can call people from all around the world even if you are not close to them. It also has lots of other stuff, like games. You can even control some of your house appliances!

      This paragraph is about who invented the cell phone. According to Oracle  (, “Martin Cooper pioneered Motorola’s research for cellular phones. He was raised in Chicago, and attended the Institute of Technology in Illinois where he obtained a degree in electrical engineering. After working for the navy he also worked for a telecommunications company, and got a job with Motorola in 1954. Cooper worked on the first portable handheld police radio. He was also the first to ever make a phone call using a cellular phone.Some of the other people that aided in the invention of cell phones include Richard W. Dronsuth, Albert J. Mikulski, Charles N. Lynk Jr., James J. Mikulski, John F. Mitchell, Roy A. Richardson, and John H. Sangster.” I would be so proud if I invented it.

Fun Facts

      This paragraph is about future cell phones. According to Oracle (, “The cell phone will feature large address books, and calendars. There will be increased internet access ability with DSL and Broadband. Cell phones will also have the capability to store files and documents. They will have video-conferencing capabilities and multiplayer games. It will even be possible to set appliances with your phone, such as the dishwasher.” I really am excited about the future cell phones.

      This paragraph is about how water affects cell phones. According to Dara (…), “Yup. It sure can. The sim card holds all of the important information from the phone, so saving it is really worthwhile.” I know that it’s best to keep phones away from water, but if you don’t, save the sim card! Ha Ha.

      This paragraph is about how many people use cell phones in the United States of America. According to Julia Layton, Marshall Brain and Jeff Tyson (Modified by Mr. Welch), “Millions of people in the United States and around the world use cellular phones. They are such great gadgets -- with a cell phone, you can talk to anyone on the planet from just about anywhere!” That is a lot of people. To bad I don’t have one.

       This paragraph is about more fun facts. According to Marshall Brain, Jeff Tyson and Julia Layton, “All cell phones have special codes associated with them. These codes are used to identify the phone, the phone's owner and the service provider.” So, that means If you’re a thief, don’t even try to steal phones.

       This paragraph is about all the problems of cell phones. According to Marshall Brain, Jeff Tyson and Julia Layton, “Extreme heat in a car can damage the battery or the cell-phone electronics. Extreme cold may cause a momentary loss of the screen display.” Basically, you have to be very careful with the cell phone because they damage easily.

       This paragraph is about how cell phone sound works. According to Marshall Brain, Jeff Tyson and Julia Layton, “Sound is an amazing thing. All of the different sounds that we hear are caused by minute pressure differences in the air around us. What's amazing about it is that the air transmits those pressure changes so well, and so accurately, over relatively long distances.” Sound I guess just is too complicated.

       This paragraph is about the sad days before the cellular phone. According to Marshall Brain, Jeff Tyson and Julia Layton, “In the dark ages before cell phones, people who really needed mobile-communications ability installed radio telephones in their cars. In the radio-telephone system, there was one central antenna tower per city, and perhaps 25 channels available on that tower. This central antenna meant that the phone in your car needed a powerful transmitter -- big enough to transmit 40 or 50 miles (about 70 km). It also meant that not many people could use radio telephones -- there just were not enough channels.” It is really sad that some people could get them but others couldn’t.

       This paragraph is about T.V. phones. According to Julia Layton, “The basic idea of the TV phone is pretty simple: It's a cell phone that acts as a TV receiver. If you've read How Television Works, you know that TV signals are just radio signals. Cell phones pick up radio signals all the time -- it's what they do. In the case of TV phones, they have the ability to receive radio signals in the TV-allocated frequency bands in addition to the bands allocated for cell-phone voice data. For instance, a TV phone in the United States might tune in to the 2110-to-2170-MHz band for a conversation and the 54-to-60-MHz band to pick up TV channel 2.” I like cell phones and T.V.  it’s perfect for me.


Well I hope you learned something and I wish I had a cell phone because of all the cool things it can do. It is an amazing invention and I would be so proud to have even known Dr. Martin Cooper. Once again don’t put your cell phone in water, go brag to your friends about how much you know, and go buy a cell phone! Thanks for reading, and tell your friends.