By Cassa Nova


How would you like to get shocked at fifty thousand volts? I wouldnÕt. HereÕs my report on tasers. It teaches you about what it Is, When it was made, who made it, what it is and how it works, and a lot o f other stuff like that.

What the heck is a taser?

The taser is a special type of gun, but not a gun. A taser shoots out two wires attached to a strong battery that shoots an electrical current through a criminalÕs body for thirty seconds. It can shock some one at fifty thousand volts.




When did they make the taser?  According to Dixie stow, a former police officer it was made somewhere in the 1970Õs.


Who made the taser?  Bruce Weber says that Jack cover invented the taser. He died of an accidental taser shock.


How it works


WhatÕs in a taser? Inside of a taser they have many batteries and two wires are hooked to them. They also have small dots that shoot out helping the wires stay on track.



How does it work? The wires that are attached to the batteries shoot out and into someoneÕs skin causing an electrical current. It works for exactly thirty seconds without causing permanent injury, but long enough to prevent a criminal from escaping.


Other fun facts

       How high of a voltage does the strongest taser have?

4,000,000 volts.






 How strong is the average taser?

50,000 volts.


How far do tasers shoot?

20 ft.


How long does it take to make a taser?

1 to 1 week.






ThereÕs my report on tasers, hope you liked it! J