Hey people with bad, stupid TVs! Get a Digital TV converter box! It will be the end to your problems! Well, If you donŐt have ComcastÉDO THIS AND ÉÉ.GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! The main idea of this report is about the digital TV converter boxes. J

Digital TV Converter boxes

This paragraph is about the cost of Digital TV converter boxes. According to, The price is expected to be somewhere around $60. But because the federal government will provide coupons worth $40 off the cost of a converter box, the consumerŐs share should come out to about $20. J

                               This paragraph is about is about the switch over. The switchover from analog to digital broadcasting will be completed on June 12, 2009, as set by Congress. However, television stations have been preparing for the transition since the late 1990s. COME ON PEOPLE DONŐT LET ANOLOG KEEP YOU IN, THATŐS DIGITAL TVŐS JOB!!!!!!!!!! J

       This paragraph is about why weŐre switching.  According to Chris Pollette, 





Broadcasters will be moving their signals to another part of the radio spectrum. (In other words, WE'RE RUNNING OUT OF ROOM!)So, one reason for the switch is to free up space for police, fire and other public safety communications. The remaining portion of the broadcast signal will be available to consumers for wireless services. 


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