Beeb boob Video games

By slithesar slatheren


Hi in this sweet video game report I will tell you the most famous video game when video games were made and what it is  and its history  and cool stuff.

What it is

What’s the most famous video game According to hotrodz456. The most famous video game is super Mario brothers .I knew it would be a Mario game

What type of video games are there there’s Mario there’s Zelda there’s  world of war craft and p.o.w, castle quest, blades of steel, metroid, Mario ,sonic , and so much more

What’s one very famous video game oh boy there’s loads there’s world of war craft there’s Mario there’s sonic but ill chose metroid.

What’s a video game consol according to Jeff Tyson    in the middle of a game consol is a sweet computer that has a cpu and that is easy to make because then you like are battling an oppent which is cpu and it’s a whole lot cheaper

What was the first game  according to mary bells its pong or tennis for two

What’s a really cool game  one really fun video game is supreme comander


When was a cool game called death race made  well according to pbs it was made in  1976

       When was the first play station made and how it was made in 1998 (when I was born) Nintendo and Sony were trying to make a super disc (a sweet cd rom) but instead the businesses parted ways and Sony then turned the super disc into the play station sweet

       Who made it well according to PBS   A.S.Doglas was the one




How old are they well there about 57 years old


How many video game generations are their well according wikipedea there 7 so far

       When did they start getting famous well according to wikipedea in 1970.

       When were they made well according to PBS in 1952















Cool stuff

What’s the first graphical video game well if ya don’t know its deteco



so there’s a whole world of video games and I only told you a bit of it so go find out more and play video games