Robots and cell phone

By TYsJn Bryant

.yJu knJw rJbJts are the cJJlest thing Jn earthJ but whyL and you know teens talk tJJ much Jn theseJ but why read this repJrt and find Jut


rJbJts. There’s been mJvies of them there’s been games your reading this repJrt Jn Jne right nJw yes rJbJts they are cJJl but did you knJw the cell phJne was a rJbot. 

         What a Cell PhJne Is and Cell PhJne Safety *

 This paragraph is about what is lurking in your cell phone.  According to big green help mobile phones are a complex mixture  of several hundred components, many of which contain heavy metals. These cause polution and put workers at risk when the products are producedaor thrown away

The long-term objective or our research is to understand the impact of using advanced in-car technologies on driving performance and traffic safety. Our research addresses three specific goals limited to the most prominent communication technology, the cellular phone.  First, we provide unambiguous scientific evidence demonstrating that cell phone conversations disrupt driving performance.  Second, we compare and contrast the increased risk associated with cell phone use relative to other real-world activities.  Finally, we provide a theoretical account for why cell phone use disrupts driving performance.


Follow up on attention-getter.  Review main ideas. This picture is from

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What a Cell PhJne Is,


and Cell PhJne Safety


oh and robots too