I hate my TV I want a DTV

By: Cheese 


       Are you sick of watching your T.V and then your screen goes all fizzy? Well I am going to tell you to get a DTV. And I am going to tell you who invented it and when it was invented and other awesome stuff like that.

Who in the heck invented the DTV?

Who- According to me, Nobody knows who invented the DTV it to new and sorry I couldn’t tell you it just I checked all the websites and I could not find it all they would say was “sorry it to new”.

When was the DTV invented?                                         


When- When was the DTV invented I can tell you that it is easy it was invented Dec 28, 2007. Ha ha now you know and I taught you.

DTVs rock!

              Dude, seriously DTVs rock and how do I know that…. I don’t know actually but I can tell you a few things about the awesome DTV. Well on the DTV you can see much better than a regular TV, because it has smaller pixels witch make it easier to see the pictures than a you know what.