The wireless phone

By Cutie Girl J


       This paragraph is telling you about my report.  My report can tell you some things about the cell phone. You might learn who invented it or the history of it. You’ll just have to find out.       

What the Cell Phone is

       This paragraph is about what a cell phone is.  According to wikipedia a cell phone is a wireless phone.  You can call people wherever you are. Some people called it the cell phones some call it the wireless phone.      

The History of the Cell Phone

This paragraph is about the Inventor.   According to Marten Copper invented the cell phone. The cell was invented in 1973. Marten Copper invented the cell phone so people could talk where ever they were.  The video game was invented 23 years before the cell phone.

This paragraph is about why the cell phone was made.

According to, the cell phone was invented so people could take to others on the street.

       This paragraph is about how much the cell phone costs.

According to, The cell phone can cost about $50 to  $100  $100 to  $200.




       Now you have read my report. I hope you liked it.