GPS is in the air

By lilmiss pizza


GPS are in the air okay lets say that you are lost in the middle of now were and you have no map. What would you do. Well no problem for the GPS it can tell you were the places are were you want to go so buy a gps now This report is going to give you a lot of information about GPS. I am going to tell you about the history of a GPS, what a GPS is, and how GPS works. ENJOY!

What it is

This paragraph is about what a GPS is. A GPS is an item that helps you figure out where you are when you're in danger or stuff like that. The Department of Defense developed it in 1973.

This paragraph is about what a GPS child mapper is.

This paragraph is about what a GPS wheelchair is.

The History of a GPS

       This paragraph is about the gps wheelchair.

if you look at a map it dose not talk to you. But the GPS dose it tells you were to go.

How It Works

You type in were you want to go then it remembers it then when you for get you can then ask were the nearest pizza place is then you go that is why my family has one.




I hope you enjoyed my report and thought it was interesting. I hope you learned a pretty good amount of information about what GPS is, the history of GPS, and how GPS works. Thanks for reading my report!