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Why  do people us the GPS is it because  they donŐt  know were they are or they are just lazy to look at a map.  This paragraph is about GPS if you what to learn about GPS then read my report.

Main Heading

This paragraph is about criminal tracker A criminal tracker is a device that the police can put on a criminal's leg to keep track of him/her.  The device cannot be cut off.  The device has GPS so the criminal can always be located.  By the way, did I tell you that the criminal is on parole (let out of jail for a time) and MR. Welch


This paragraph is about how newspapers can get printed fast with satellites.  According to Gary Brown, if a reporter is writing on his laptop and when he sends bye the time he starts driving home it is all ready done printing






Some newspapers and magazines are more timely because they transmit their text and images to multiple printing sites via satellite to speed local distribution.






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