Information Galore

By Gimi Info


Have you ever stopped to think about the technology that we use every day?  Or, do you just use it?  This certain technology was a great invention.  It has all sorts of things that help us in our daily lives.  Have you guessed it yet?  Well, if you havenÕt you are really up for a big treat.  Continue to read my report if you want to know what this technology is, how it works, who owns it, who invented it, how many people use it, and more information.

How does the Internet work?

This paragraph will explain how the Internet works. According to Rus Shuler, every computer connected to the Internet has a special address or number.  The address is called an I.P. address.  You connect to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider (I.S.P.).  You connect with a number in the form of ÒnnnÓ which must be between 0-255 (  Now isnÕt that cool?  All computers have numbers to connect to the Internet.


Who owns the Internet?

This paragraph will let you know who really owns the Internet. According to The Great Idea Finder, no one owns the Internet.  Anyone can put websites, pictures, games, music, and videos on the Internet though.  The only problem with that is that some people put bad things on the Internet. But on the other hand, you can find great information too! (


Who invented the Internet?

This paragraph will let you know who truly invented the Internet.  According to tech-faq, the ARPA were the first ones to start the idea of the Internet.  But these five people should be given credit for the Internet invention also:  J. C. R. Licklider, Lawrence Roberts, Leonard Kleinrock, Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf.  They all helped in one way or another to create the Internet.  ArenÕt you glad they did? I sure am!  We would never have the Internet if it wasnÕt for them. (

How many people use the Internet?

This paragraph will tell you how many people use the Internet today.  Have you ever wondered how much the Internet is used?  Well, I have an answer for you!  According to Miniwatts Marketing Group, today the latest amount of users is, 1,596,270,108!  Wow!!

More information about the Internet

This paragraph will hopefully answer some of your questions.  Q: Are there lies on the Internet? A: Yes, sadly there are.

 Q: What can I find on the Internet? A: You can find games, information, pictures, websites, and videos.  You can also have an email.

Q: How do I find things on the Internet? A: Type in the search box.

 Q: Who makes the websites? A: Anyone can make websites.

Q: What does the Internet do? A: The Internet helps you find things.

Q: What in the world is the Internet? A: The Internet is a huge, amazing technology.  Anyone can put anything on it.  The Internet has tons of information, music, games, pictures, and videos!


I hope you enjoyed and learned something from my report.  Remember, the Internet is huge!  You can have fun; and still be smart on the Internet.  So be smart, and have fun!