Rainbow, blue, red, and green cool colorful lasers!!!

By something mysterious


       Do you want to know about rainbow lasers? Rainbow lasers are a laser that can turn any color of the rainbow. I will tell you about them.

What Lasers Are

This paragraph is about rainbow colored lasers

University scientists created a laser that could turn any color of the rainbow. These LED-lasers offer a better, smaller and brighter alternative to conventional light sources. They are the next generation of low cost lasers. The LED lasers are used for displayed, Christmas lights, or even light-up trainers. They are cheap to make.

       This paragraph is about what a laser is.  According to Diane Fisher many very useful inventions use lasers. So do many inventions to entertain us. CD and DVD players use lasers. Bar code readers in stores use lasers. Doctors use lasers to do delicate surgery, such as eye surgery. Lasers carry TV and telephone signals over special cables. Metal workers use lasers to cut and weld metal into everything from street light poles to cars.


The history of lasers







This paragraph is about the history of lasers.  According to Mary Bellis, The name laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In 1917, Albert Einstein first theorized about the process that makes lasers possible called "Stimulated Emission."

This paragraph is about when the first lasers were operated

Arthur L Schawlow says,

When the first lasers were operated, I and other scientists close to the research were surprised at how easy it turned out to be. We had assumed that, since lasers had never been made, it must be very difficult. But once you knew how, it was not at all difficult. Mostly what had been lacking were ideas and concepts.


I think lasers are really cool, do you? thank you for reading my report.