A Great Gadget

By Charlie The Banana king


Did you ever wonder what makes your cell phone vibrate? Well if you read my report you will find out!!!!!!

Main Heading

This paragraph is about the difference between a cell phone and a phone. First IÕm going to give credit to (how stuff works)

Ok a phone is not wireless and a cell phone is wireless. Actually I think cellphones are better because it has a screen to look at. does a phone have a screen no. But now phones are still used.


       Ok IÕm going to tell my second paragraph ItÕs What makes your cell phone work? HereÕs a phone that you can see inside. Well Theirs a key board like a computer it has a key board so you can text other people. And theirs a microphone so you can hear other people and you can put it on speaker. It also has a circuit board I donÕt know what a circuit board is but I bet itÕs a really important think to a cell phone


   This paragraph is about what makes your cell phone vibrate. Well itÕs a little motor that spins really fast like this picture and thatÕs what makeÕs your cell phone vibrate.


         This question is  Are cell phones great gadgets? I really donÕt know but I think they are great gadgets.


       This question is really fun to answer itÕs Is The Cell Phone Hard To Use. I will say yes because IÕve used one but itÕs actually hard for other people.


       Do you know who invented the cell phone well  if you donÕt know itÕs martin cooper. we are so lucky that he invented a cell phone. Thank You Cooper, Martin for making us a cell phone.


       Were does a cell phone works? Mostly all cell phone work every were. Well thatÕs what I think






This was a great report wasnÕt it? Well if it is Thank you.