By Some Guys Fry Sauce


Have you ever wanted to be a internet freak? Well, I do. I am a big Internet freak. This is some stuff I learned about the Internet when I was a internet freak. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

What the Internet Is

This paragraph is about how life would be without the Internet. Life without the Internet would not be so good because most people get their information from the Internet.

This paragraph is about how big the Internet is.  The Internet is at least 500,000 computers wide and even more!


















History of the Internet

This paragraph is about the development of the Internet. The development of the Internet started in 1957 when sputnik 1 (the first satellite) was launched by the sivoit union. Americans felt threat by this and thought that the sivoit union could also do bomb attacks from space. So they created Defense Advance Research Project agency (DARPA) in 1958. It worked for the safety from space based missile attack. Then they made another satellite, which was the first satellite of U.S.

This paragraph is about how old the Internet is.

According to Isoc in the 1950s and early 1960s, prior to the widespread inter-networking that led to the Internet, most communication networks were limited in that they only allowed communications between the stations on the network.

So basically it is 50 to 60 years old.

How the Internet Works

This paragraph is about how the Internet works.

The Internet works with at least 100 labs in the world. The labs control the Internet, help add stuff to the Internet and much much more


This paragraph reviews my report.

My report talked about how the Internet works, history of the Internet and what the Internet is.